Zuzuka-ka-ka-ka, the Amazonian Warrior Princess of Baile Funk returns with a Kassiano re-edit of one of their earlier tracks.

The re-edit will feature on the new Tropikill mixtape which we’ll bring to you in the next post, so just be cool for a lil’ while longer!

As usual, Zuzuka’s vocals are uniquely distinguishable, you know there’s only ever gonna be ONE Zuzuka-ka-ka-ka 😉

The production and ideas step up a notch from the original track a few years back and I think KASSIANO is back in business man.  So watch out for great new tings from him and of course from the one and only Zuzuka-ka-ka.

On the live gigging front she’s working with our main man Zakee-ee-ee Kuduro.  I’m REALLY hoping they’re going to be doing some recording together.  NOW that’ll be something worth waiting for!!!!

BTW, an exclusive Zakee Kuduro interview coming soon and of course man, I’ll get some hot gossip from our main Princess too very soon.

Zuzuka Poderosa loves Riverside (TROPIKILL edit) by nossa

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