I am still in recovery modus peeps, pulling this off was a total attack on my health and mental state. Not only was I working on a festival with 250 acts/bands playing my city in a week in over 30 locations, but I also had a festival inside a festival with the GENERATION BASS MAIN EVENT.

Inviting some of our favorite artists over was a lot of fun though. I’ll try to give you my vision and opinion on all of them over the course of the upcoming weekend, but over here, everything moves on, and we (incubate & gb) are moving into a new building in 2 weeks… Excellent timing! 🙂

Special thanks to DJ UMB, who came over for this thang and some talks on the future of GB, love you man! and see you soon! and our other GB head HIPI DUKI, who also played and hung out with us. For now, check out the pixx, more to come and more words. when I get my eye/hand coordination back…


  1. Thanks bro’ LOVE YOU TOO MAN big stylee xxxxxx hahahahha

    Man, were it not for you and your team, NONE, of this would have happened!

    So man, thanks to you & BIG RESPEK and let’s hope to ROCK some FESTIVALS in the UK 2010 with GENERATION BASS cause it’s ALIVE & IS A MONSTER!

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