I’ve been having a JOKER day today and listening to some of his great stuff including one of my all-time favourites DIGI-DESIGN.

That track just seems to be one of the Anthems for me this year.  I celebrated our 250,000.00 Generation Bass visitor with the track and also it reminds me most of the FIRST Generation Bass Festival a few weeks back.  I promise you I’m going to do a short write up about just how brilliant the festival was.  I’m just waiting for Vince to do his first cause man save for me turning up on the day, opening up the dj’ing on 2 of the nights and meeting and greeting everyone, I did nothing else, he planned, executed and delivered it all 🙂

Anyway, Joker was also there playing after RESO (who murdered it) and man Joker is just in a different league altogether and he’s still only in his early 20’s.  He dropped Digi-Design at the Festival and man for me it was like HEAVEN.  I did not know whether to dance, smile or bawl my eyes out (now get a hold of your emotions you big girls blouse)!

So, I posted Digi-design on my facebook page today and co-incidentally a few hours later, unless these guys are watching my every move…hahahha, the Globalibre guys, who also happened to turn up at the Festival, posted one of his remixes today.

I’m only kiddin’, man the Globalibre guys are my bro’s man and we shared great times together in Essaouira this year and also now in Tilburg and I ALWAYS ENJOY THEIR COMPANY AND BANTER SO MUCH!!!

However, I must confess I have never heard this remix before and for me it just got even greater cause it mentions my home city Birmingham in the track and it’s by Hard Fi remixed by Joker.  So thanks Axe.l and O.live.r from Globalibre for introducing me to this BRILLIANT REMIX.

That’s not all though, cause here’s a remixed version of Digi-Design I picked up from the Chrome Kids Blog, which is good but nowhere near as good as the original.

And so the original also follows in vid format and marries to the above image beautifully.

Great Joker-RMX of Hard Fi’s Song “We Need Love”

Joker – Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop Lock Remix) by omunit


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