I have a BIG weakness for dance tracks that contain huge stabs of organic global percussion and here’s a mix that contains them in abundance.  It contains some of the best selection of new percussive tracks that nobody’s ever heard of.

It’s by Waer Rock of the brilliant Culture System blog.  Wear Rock will be making ocassional guest contributions to our blog too and so watch out for his posts because they’re always likely to be highly original and introduce something innovative.  Glad to have you on board Waer Rock and we look forward to you first post.

For now though, man you need to listen to or (download) these tracks cause they’re incredible.

Drum Cirkill by WaerRock


Drum Cirkill – A heavily syncopated journey deep into drum oriented dance floors.

ICS — “Espagnol
Nils Noa — “Uno Dos Rocks”
Silvano Del Gado, Paul Cutie — “El Puro
Ralph Laurentius — “Seen Jack (Gringo Gomes RMX)”
Big Drew feat Charlee — “Girls Want”
Djinji Brown — “Blue Hinny (Roots in the Jungle Mix)
Geiom — “Lame Car
Helixir — “Initiation Ritual
Piero Cusenza — “African TImbales
Hardrock Striker — “Cosmic
Buraka Som Sistema — “D… D… D… D… Jay (Feat. Petty) (Poligono Big Pachanga Remix)”
Korioto — “Bollywood (Jah Sound RMX)”

Image of Chango, a West African deity.


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