The guys at the Federation Sound Blog sent this brilliant Dancehall/Reggae/Hip Hop mix through with an option to download the individual tracks too 🙂

Bolt Action is finally here.  Free download.  Aidonia longside Federation longside Business Class longside Equiknoxx longside J.O.P. So sick!

((DOWNLOAD)) BOLT ACTION (Individually Tracked & Labelled for iTunes)



.        Intro (Bolt Action)

.        Laugh & Shot Dem / Pon Di Block (Blood Vibes 2009)

.        Reload (Do You Wanna Hear It)

.        Breeze On You (Down 4 My Niggas)

.        Head A Buss / Badman A Step (Answer)

.        Interlude 1 (J.O.P.)

.        Money Money Money (All About The Benjamins)

.        Hot Grabba (10 Crack Commandments)

.        Dangerous (Ice Cream)

.        So Right (Far East)

.        Hundred Stab / Grab Har (Love Punaany Bad)

.        Bang Bang Dem (Fat Ting)

.        Nowadays Girl (Sick)

.        Interlude Few (Nowadays)

.        Ukku Bit / Gyal Say Wooii (Boata)

.        Position (Mix Up Time)

.        Putty / Good Body Gal / Tappi Noise / Datz Up Watz Up (Mash Up)

.        Go Fa Weh Ya Wanna (Mack Daddy)

.        Didi The Leader (Acapella)

.        Glock A Burst (Helicopter)

.        Interlude 3 (Sex Music)

.        Gunshot (Jigga What)

.        Duffle Bag Feat. Lil’ Joe (Big Pimpin’)

.        Pop It Off feat. Chino (General)

.        Unknown Assailant (Samir’s Theme)

.        Bounce (Boom Baltimore Mega-Mix)

.        Big Matic Nah Laugh (Acapella)

.        Duppy Dem (Victory)

.        Badmind People (Shook Ones)

.        Freestyle Feat. Deablo (Special Delivery)

.        Step Inna Di Street (Code Of The Streets)

.        Interlude 4 (Bolt Action)

.        See A Man Face (Ambitions Of  A Rider)

.        A-I-D-O-N-I-A

.        Buss In Pon You (Kick In The Door)

.        Die For Me (Verbal Intercourse)

.        Take Me Away (I Got A Story To Tell)








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