Grabbed this from Andy Kisaragi’s blog UNTIMELY SOUND.  The same guy who did the 15 tunes in 15 minutes and 70 tunes in 80 minutes mixes that we featured here recently.

Here’s what he says about Nokom and their Balkan Electro & Balkan Rap:

This isn’t BRAND NEW AND EXCITING but it is QUITE OLD AND EXCITING, had iTunes on random the other day while I was working and something called Nokom Electro came on, from an album which I didn’t remember where why or how I’d got hold of it. Was a rather awesome electro dub affair so I unrandomed and listened to the rest. This tune caught my attention at the start with a sample which is also on, I think, a Magnifico & Turbolentza tune (or something similarly turbofolkesque which I’m ashamed to love so much). I actually really don’t like the sample but anyway the tune is a good’un. Did some googling and discovered more Nokom albums for free download here – I must have come across it on a torrent site then never listened to it. Downloading the rest now.

ANYWAY. The tune is called Riposte and it’s an electro-balkan-hip hop affair, ripe for a Busta acapella if you ask me, but then I’ll stick a Busta acapella on anything. Snatch the mp3 here!

Speaking of electro balkan hip hop, I’m always playing Dunkelbunt’s ‘Chocolate Butterfly’ out, but never had any of his other stuff, so was pleased to see Generation Bass posting another of his tracks the other day… Cheers GB

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