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I’m slowly getting back to the daily routine over here, after the complete and utter chaos in the last couple of weeks due to the incubate festival and our part in that, the Generation Bass Event! It was really amazing meeting so many of our fav artists in the flesh and swapping warstories with guys like DJ BEWARE and the SCHLACHTHOFBRONX dudes…

Also I can tell you right now that we are doing another edition of this thang NEXT YEAR! So get ready for another global meltdown in the weekend of 17/18/19 SEPTEMBER 2010. Here are some vids by the Globalibre guys to let you know what you have been missing out on. Suggestions and applications for next year start now man.. Let me know who you want to see playing there and if you are a dj/live performer and you think you fit our GB profile, drop your links and vids homie!


  1. I live in the forlorn hope that one day something interesting will happen in London, south of the river, preferably in Croydon! There’s a few small venues, excellent public transport links, lots of places to eat or have a drink. It is a cultural wasteland, though, that could do with some Generation Bass stylee input to lift it beyond the chav-infested hell-hole it can so often be….

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