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Here’s some more FUNANA cutz courtesy of Ferro Gaita, one of Cape Verde’s chief exponenets of the genre.

Ferro Gaita is here to offer you the opposite: a party atmosphere, a danceable, frenetic beat, a shout against the daily struggle. For Funaná was the medium of choice to express disgust at colonial rule, and under Portuguese Cape Verde it was officially banned. You can ban music but it never dies of course, and in 1996 Ferro Gaita was formed with the explicit aim of propagating funaná. The irony of course is that the main instrument of funaná, the accordion (gaita), was brought to the island by the Portuguese. And so it was that in 1997 Ferro Gaita were only playing in Cape Verdean festivals, but 10 years later they were being booked for shows from Paris to Seveilla to Luanda to New York. Welcome to funaná, and welcome to Ferro Gaita. Enjoy the two tracks posted here from their third studio album, aptly titled Rei di Funana.

(via Caiprinha Lounge)

beijo bafatada

ferro gaita


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