For those that dont know where we from: the basecamp of GB is the south of Holland. of course we have agents all across the globe, checking and controlling vast amounts of great music, but the JHQ, is in Tilburg. and Tilburg? is in BRABANT! BRABANT is our province. For more on this topic, check google 🙂

It seems that the nordic funk in its SKWEEE form is now also starting to pop up here. I want to share a couple of cuts with you by my homie HERR MULLER. It seems that without him knowning anuything about this genre, his stuff falls right in this category. I showed him some links and told him what SKWEEE was, played some stuff for him and he was all like “wow! this is amazing!” So let’s hope we have generated some SKWEEE talent right here in BRABANT without even trying…

grab it here:


and on a more minimal meets SKWEEE tip an edit I did of one of his tracks:




Our bwoy CHUBBY FINGERS/BLAQWEST just dropped the hotness on us. Check out this awesome mix, combining club elements of various interest in an eclectic dancefloor stormer for the year 2009! Besides that, below that, you can find 2 cuts shared by this dude. Good stuff man! get on the DL!

Chubby Fingers – BlaQwest October 2009 Mix

1. D-M.E.N.T – Bear Garden (Freak Saw Remix)         
2. Alex Kidd – Heavy Bass (Original Mix)            
3. Herve – Who Da Champ (original)         
4. 666 – Devil (FIGURE is it halloween yet Remix)          
5. Florence And The Machine – Drumming Song (Jack Beats Remix)     
6. Claude VonStroke – Vocal Chords         
7. Chubby Fingers – White Lines (Original Mix)            
8. Oliver Leigh – Plett Beatz (Original Mix)         
9. Schenk & Glitch-Boy – Step Back (Original Mix)            
10. Nitro Deluxe – Let’s Get Brutal (Chubby Fingers Refix)        
11. Bit Thief – Apple Pie (Kid Komas Remix)         
12. Jackinori – Bad boi J’Taime            
13. Alex Kidd – Baddest DJ          
14. Detboi – Get Low         
15. Whis This – Ass Back          
16. Chubby Fingers – Westside (In Progress Mix)            
17. Black Noise – Jackin My Fresh Feat. Lex One (Original Mix)         
18. Juiceboxxx – 100 MPH (AC Slater Remix)          
19. Chubby Fingers – Stroke It

Next we have a couple of tracks…reworks of classics that have stood the test of time. We’ve just added a little of our touch to them.
Chubby Fingers – White Lines (Original Mix)
Nitro Deluxe – Let’s Get Brutal (Chubby Fingers Refix)



Our homie from Texas, PANCHITRONIX drops a supa-hot Dirrty Cumbia Rave Mix which is Smokin’ Hot Joe!

Tracks include his own at the beginning, Toy Selectah in da house, our very own Sonido Del Principe and DJ Dus!


Panchitron-Quiero Que Sepas XxX
Toy Selectah-BKLYN Raverton Break
Sonido del Principe vs Josefa
Sonido del Principe-Horario de Verano
DJ DUS- Daft-Cumbia (Robot Rock)

It’s a bangin’ mix only lastin’ 13 minutes but it’s a powerful, testosterone filled, floor fillin’, cumbia booty grabbin with an 80’s electro-tinged finale mix!




You know we stuck up those Cumbia Loops last Saturday, well here’s the first by-product release from that.

It’s by a guy called Touski who runs the brilliant MONTREAL EAST blog and here’s what he says, which is pretty fascinating man:

So this is it! The first Qumbia track is produced :)

Qumbia is the mashup between music from Quebec with beats and sounds from Cumbia.

Why? Why not!

Cumbia started is highly festive tropical musical career in Colombia in the XVIIth century and progressively spread in all South and Central America throughout USA and his, nowadays, one of the most active urban musical scene here and there throughout the world. Its unique groove destroys the most varied dancefloors. (Don’t believe me? ask Bendude, the local expert or visit

So it was obvious that one day or the other, the virus would be mutating to reach us in our northern snowy country. No need to get a vaccine or to sneeze in your elbow, let yourself contaminate by my highly-concentrated Bass and Guiro vitamin Qumbia version of Marie-Louise, this Zébulon anthem, originally released in 1994. The lyrics are about the numerous gossips concerning a strange old woman who looked like a witch and that just passed away … so it is the perfect track to be released a couple of days before Halloween.

I think it’s a storming mash up and so a big up Touki 🙂

Marie-Louise (Qumbia remix by Touski) by Touski

I’m also sticking up one of his mixes, which does not have much to do with Cumbia but more so with Balkan Beats 🙂

Montrealeast OCT2009 by Touski

Balkan Beats Gypsy Eastern Madness

1 Ben Hora – Pad Brapad
2 Urban Qoulou (feat. NEMO) – Watcha Clan
3 SOS – Soulico
4 Kaba p.m. – Lubo & Kaba Horo
5 Ti Hodas Sa Njom – Dragan Kojic KEBA
6 I Like It! – Baghdaddies Vs. Mandragora
7 Balkany & Flowers (Original Mix) – Zeb
8 ChupChik – Goran Bregovic
9 Manea-k – Max Pashm
10 Paznja!! Paznja!! – King Chronic Vs. Barrio Populaire
11 Demo Mamo – Bj Nevenko Feat. Romano Drom
12 Dumbala Dumba – DJ Dolores vs Taraf De Haidouks



My boy, TOMMI BENDERS introduced me to this artist, AMANDITITITA!

It’s really catchy, feel-good, Pop Cumbia and man it’s ok.  Yes, it is quite commercial, light, fluffy and throw-away but sometimes that doesn’t do any harm and I think it’s worth posting to show yet another aspect to the Cumbia craze.  Most of the tracks do sound the same though man.

She’s like Mexico’s equivalent to the UK’s Lily Allen.  I’m really not sure what our Mexican friends are gonna say about this post cause for all I know they might be hating on us for posting this!

Here’s what Wiki says about her:

Amandititita is a Mexican writer and singer of cumbia. Born Amanda Lalena Escalante Pimentel, in 1980 in Mexico DF, she is the daughter of the late Rodrigo Gonzalez, a noted musician and poet who was killed in the 1985 Mexico City earthquake.

She came to public attention in 2007 as a performer of what she called ‘AnarCumbia’, a style said to be entirely urban and a blend of rock, reggae, rap, and traditional Mexican cumbia. From this, she has become known as the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of AnarCumbia’ and claims her main inspiration to be Guillermo Fadanelli.

She was signed by Sony-BMG and released her first album, La Reina de Anarcumbia, early in 2008. The single, La Muy Muy, from this album, charted on Billboard.

The release of her second album has been announced for October 27, 2009; “La Descarada” with songs of a similar style.

Here’s a couple of tracks for you to check her out and also a vid below.

A Chinga Te Vas

Odio a Mi Jefe



Wow, it’s been a while since we posted some KUDURO, but this here is another great track in all its grimey lo res quality… check this out, of course there’s nothing I can say about the artist, because google doesnt know him, but damn, the energy is totally of the charts!




Straight outta AWESOME TAPES FROM AFRICA blog:

Some of my favorite Mandingo griot music from Mali. The electric kora rises to particularly gratifying heights throughout (don’t you dare hate on electric kora, my dudes). Meanwhile Kouyate’s voice—thick as a tree trunk, light as a feather—turns emotional straw into gold before our ears…

and it absolutely does! check out this awesome tape and get more superb music from Africa right HERE:

Face A
Sira Djeli

Face B
Ssanga N’ngnogote
Fila Djole







The Snake Charmer – Global Warning 20-10-2009 by TheSnakeCharmer

[via Discobelle]


Download: Kingdom – Mix for Discobelle, Oct 09 (zShare)

1) Kingdom – Wine & Stomp (Intro)

Dark trancehall you can wine your waist and stomp your feet to.

2) Jam City – In the Park (Kingdom Refix ft. Allure)

Jam City is a new London-based producer who is making very open-minded club music. I added some bass drops and vocals from the acapella of R&B group Allure’s 1998 hit “Head Over Heels.”

3) Bok Bok – Ripe Banana

I was staying at Night Slugs HQ in south London when Bok Bok was finishing this track, and I would wake up to the subs pumping this track each morning. I think it’s imprinted in my subconscious because I am transported every time I hear it. 10 out of 10.

4) L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (Kingdom Remix)

This remix will be released on the United Groove remix EP, out next month on Mad Decent. Ethereal vocals and echo pianos drifting over broken drums and trance stabs.

5) Cooly G – Jus Wanna

Cooly G is the most intriguing producer to me at the moment. Her productions are simple, experimental, and entirely unique. On top of that, she does all the vocals on her tracks. So instead of found vocal samples, she is recording her own vocal samples, and the results are incredible.

6) KG – 808

Each time the beat progresses and a new part kicks in, it comes as a welcomed surprise, and when the strings finally break through, it feels like freedom.

7) Roska – Elevated Level (Kingdom Edit ft. Brandy)

It’s an old Roska track at this point, but I play this vocal edit out a lot. This is the track I play when it’s time to bring the energy level up. Even a tiny vocal sample from legendary vocalist Brandy manages to make this track into an anthem.

8) Marcus Price & Carli – Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed (Kingdom Remix)

There are certain tracks that I am magnetized to and have no choice but to remix, even though they didn’t ask for one! This was one of those.

9) Dubbel Dutch – Throwback

Brand new track from Texas’s own Dubbel Dutch. The mixing and compression on this track are so nice. Chopped diva vocals and clean sub-bass. I love the drifting cool-down moment in this track too, and when the breakbeat kicks back in, you know you need to brace yourself for a huge drop.

10) Lil Silva – Different (Kingdom Remix ft. Jazmine Sullivan)

It seems like some of the best UK funky beats are just begging for vocal versions. Here we have a sample of the incomparable Jazmine Sullivan going off over a Lil Silva’s grimey funky banger.

11) DJ Makency – Ragga Jump

My Los Angeles family NGUZUNGUZU and DJ Total Freedom turned me on to tribal guarachero, which is a fusion of tribal house and cumbia, and it has become my favorite genre of late. Intensely syncopated hand percussion mixed with stomping kicks and serious sub-bass. Interestingly this track has a reggae vocal sample on it, adding to the mixup.

12) DJ Alan Rosales – Claps

Another banging tribal guarachero track, this one with an indescribably fluctuating arpeggiated synth lead.

13) KS-20 – Fun-key (Instrumental)

KS-20 is a Japanese baile funk producer (!?) who incorporates influences of classic house and dubstep to his tracks. This is an instrumental dubplate he made for me of one of the tracks I heard on his MySpace player. The kids go off vogueing to this one.

14) Lil Silva – Pulse vs. Flex

I got into this track hearing it played by Bok Bok and L-vis 1990 last year, and I am still obsessed. It combines the bass from Musical Mob’s grime classic “Pulse X” with Silva’s signature “acoustic” snares and hi-hats. That persistent hissing open hi-hat that never closes is so unique to this track.

15) Kingdom – Mindreader ft. Shyvonne (Bok Bok Remix)

I’m really looking forward my first release. We have remixes from Todd Edwards, L-Vis 1990, and this dark-drone-triplet-garage banger of a remix from Bok Bok.

16) Lenny Fonata – Spirit of the Sun (Bump & Flex Mix)

Give me classic 2-step with organ bass and diva vox and I’m all good.

17) DJ Corlando – Passa Passa (Kingdom Remix)

This is a kuduro remix I made for my set at Night Slugs last year. I finally finished it while making this mix. By the end of it, it’s a totally different track, with a pleading Keyshia Cole sample near the end.

18) Kingdom – YOU

This is the B-side to my upcoming Fools Gold / Acephale release. Bubbling-trance with an SWV sample on helium.

19) Terror Danjah – With U ft. Shola Ama

Rhythm & grime was my favorite sub-genre. The soulful side of grime that never got enough shine. I’m still upset it didn’t yield big chart hits. Davinche and Terror Danjah were working with Sadie and Shola Ama, and the results were mind-bogglingly beautiful. This skittery track from 2004 reminds me of the innovation and elegance of Timbaland’s early work with Aaliyah. Terror and the sisters Ama are apparently linking up again, so I’m hopeful.

20) Young Dot – DPM Remix / Threat Misses – Juke Ya Girl (Kingdom Remix)

A shorter version of this blend was on my first mixtape in 2006. I recently revisited it and expanded it, adding melodies and drums.

21) The Dream – Fancy

The Dream and Tricky Stewart are the most important R&B production team in America right now. The way the track slowly builds and the details in the arrangement are truly amazing. Listen to this track on your mobile phone on top of a mountain in the desert for best results.

[via XLR8R]



01 M Dubs feat. General Levy “Sweet Love” (Wildstar)
02. DJ Narrows “Dreams” (Resurrection)
03. Moreso “Take My Hand (Dem2 Over There Dub Mix)” (Locked On)
04. Horsepower “Classic Delux” (Tempa)
05. Ordinary People “Ghetto Lovin Dub” (Social Circles)
06. Monie Love “Slice of the Pie (El-B Dub)” (Relentless)
07. Lucy Pearl “Don’t Mess With My Man (Wookie Dub)” (Beyond)
08. Bass Masters “Bass Bug” (black label)
09. Groove Chronicles “1999 The Remix” (Kinky Fox)
10. Mario Cee feat. Alexia “Negativiti (Chris Mack 2 step)” (Electric Melt)
11. Chris Mack “Baby Gonna Rock Dis” (First Class)
12. DJ Double G “Get Loose” (DFL)
13. Pay As U Go Crew “Know We” (Solid City)

Dre Skull


01 Sticky feat. Natalie Storm “Look Pon Me” (Mixpak)
02 Maxwell D + Lil Silva “Blackberry Hype”
03 N.B Funky “The Leak Remix” (UK Funky)
04 French Fries “Predator”
05 Dre Skull feat. Gotty Boi Chris “Drop Get Down Low (Brodinski Remix)” (Mixpak)
06 Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull “Hype (Dre Skull Remix)” (Vicious Pop)
07 SonicC “Stickin”
08 Zinc “Nu Sound” (Bingo Bass)
09 Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer “Blau” (Fool’s Gold)
10 DJ Manaia “King Kong”
11 Drop The Lime “Set Me Free” (Trouble & Bass)
12 Udachi & Jubilee “Smoke Rings (Dre Skull Remix)” (Nightshifters)
13 Sissy Nobby “Lay Me Down (Kanji Kanetic Remix)” (Mixpak)
14 Buraka Som Sistema “Kurum (DJ Manaia Remix)”
15 Timberlee “Gunny Gunny (Schlachthofbronx Remix)”
16 Sticky feat. Natalie Storm “Look Pon Me (Dexplicit Remix)” (Mixpak)



01 Roska “The Sheppard” (Roska Kicks & Snares)
02 Poxymusic feat. Gina Mitchell “War Paint (Claude VonStroke Remix)” (Hussle)
03 Roska & Jamie George “Love 2 Nite (Roska Dub Mix)” (Roska Kicks & Snares)
04 Cooly G “Love Dub Refix” (Hyperdub)
05 Geeneus “Yellowtail VIP” (Rinse)
06 DVA “Nasty Nasty Nasty (Roska Remix)” (DVA)
07 The Dark House Project “Ruckas” (Kenzo)
08 Roska & Jamie George “Wonderful Day” (Roska Kicks & Snares)
09 Roska “Holograph” (Fantastic 4)
10 Shortstuff “Tripped Up” (Ramp)
11 Roska “Gone To A Better Place (Malice Deepstramental Mix)” (Roska Kicks & Snares)
12 OB “ER” (Invasion)
13 Ill Blu “Blu Magic” (Ill Blu)


01 Eazy E “Sippin on a 40” (Death Row)
02 Gregor Salto feat. Thais “Thais (Funkin 3am Matt Remix)”
03 Julio Bashmore “Um Bongos Revenge” (Dirtybird)
04 Rene Amesz & Mastiksoul “Swaffel (Honey Dijon Remix)” (4Kenzo)
05 Nick and Danny Chatelain “Rumba” (Goanche)
06 Doomwork “First Vibe” (Starlight)
07 Ralvero feat. Dadz n Effect “Killer Bee” (Sneakerz)
08 Buraka Som Sistema “Aqui Para Voces (Mastiksoul Remix)” (Kitsam)
09 Patric La Funk “Xylo (Bingo Players Remix)” (Sneakerz)
10 Tom Sawyer “South American” (Spinnin)
11 The Very Best “Kada Manja (Tim Green Remix)” (Moshi Moshi)
12 Seductive and Rishi Romero “Horns Up” (Made in NL)
13 Riva Starr feat. Noze “I Was Drunk” (Made to Play)



Some of you seemed to have developed a bit of a BAREFOOT fetish since the last feature earlier this week and so here’s some more below.

I can confirm that BAREFOOT was indeed started by STEREOTYP in or about 2003, almost 6 years ago!!!!  I am trying to find out more info and will update you with it as soon as I do.

There’s loads more you can find out at CRUNCHTIME which is the main source for music of this genre.

So here’s loads more………Man it’s gonna be MASSIVE!

Panicbutton 1999 by CRUNCHTIME

Stereotyp feat LOS RAKAS : Cuanado Hay Guerrapella by stereotyp

stereotyp: cutty ranks rmx by stereotyp

stereotyp feat : ARABYRD (preview) by CRUNCHTIME

Stereotyp : All Di Gal Com feat Mc COLLAGE by CRUNCHTIME

Crunchtime @ joja radio show on superfly fm. part .1 by CRUNCHTIME

Crunchtime @ joja radio show on superfly fm. part .2 by CRUNCHTIME



Well, really it’s A MADE UP SOUND, who really is 2562, who’s really named Dave. Maybe David even? Check this lo res look a this new 12″, fresh riddims for the people out there that KNOW. Or as CURBCRAWLERS like to call it:

“His somber soundscapes, spacey dub delays and ultra-minimalism have provided the sound track many laid back sunday afternoons so it’s with much excitement to his recent works under his original guise A Made Up Sound come with more of an upbeat flex. Similar to the sounds of Joy Orbision, 2562 bridges a gap between emo-but-not-stfu-emo, dub techno, detroit and 2-step throw back. Closer is out now on the self titled Clone sublabel and comes backed with the equally impressive cut entitled Rework…”

Couldnt have said it better myself, that’s way I hit ye olde copy/paste! Buy this thing HERE and listen/dl here: