cheasleauen-3113-682x1024Well I’d like to think that we helped to break this cool gal, CHEASLEAUEN, a few months back.  I’m very happy to report that Generation Bass has had some positive impact for her.

Frederic Galliano is working with her at the moment after he spotted her here on these soon to be hallowed pages..hahahaha….

Well I already knew about that cause Fred told me himself  a little while back but now it’s public knowledge as you can read for yourself via the Fairtilizer interview below.

I’ve heard the demo of their collaboration and man, it’s something else!

She’s also getting a lot of love and attention from the UK 🙂

You can still grab these tracks but maybe not for much longer:




Who is Cheasleauen, can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Cheasleauen pronounced Shass-lowen. That’s my actual name, not a stage name.. Cheasleauen is an up and coming artist trying to make it by bringing a different voice to Urban Music.

How did you get into music, what’s your musical background?

One doesn’t really get into music. It’s just around like air. Being a fan of music is what helps me with my musical background, and I guess the vocal classes that I took in class also helps. I can remember my mother and I singing into brooms and what not while cleaning or me grabbing a hair brush trying to emulate what I was hearing and seeing. As I got older I got into rap. Not knowing that I would actually become a rapper, like those who I grew up listening to such as Biggie and Tupac and Common just to name a few. I knew at a young age that I was going to do music. I could see myself doing anything else. Music is embeded in me.

What are you up to at the moment?

Well I just put out my first mixtape “Miss Congeniality” Cash
Cow Edition hosted by my DJ and producer DJ K-Phi. He produced Jelly, Check, Like I Used to just to name a few. Other production was provided by Spaceliqs, on that project as well. Thus far the mixtape is getting great reviews and I’m really excited about that.. I also just started a follow up to that called “Dropping the Kids of at the Pool Cash Cow” which is also hosted by DJ K-Phi.

Both products is to help raise awareness of my Debut LP Miss Congeniality. I’m working on that also It should be done by December 09.

Some of your production seems to have a little bit of euro electro music in it. Are you planning to do collabos in Europe ?

Whats going to sound crazy is that I let the music fall where it may. I can go from a Hard Core song, to a ballad depending on the mood. I don’t look to be all over the place I just look to have fun. As well as looking to capture different sounds to make the best possible song. I at times go for the most obscure beats, its just the super uptempos is what I like the best, The kind that makes you slightly turn your head and say, “what are you going to do with that”. I love it!! and the UK has really responded well to it. As far as collabs go as long as it makes since. Meaning if the artist can bring something to my audience and I feel it will go well I’m all for it.

Production wise I’ve been in talks with a producer by the name of Frederic Galliano. He makes Kuduro beats, he’s super dope!!! And its different he just sent me some beats that are right up my ally. My team is in allso in talks with a record company out of the UK named Senseless Records and we’re looking to do a distrubtion deal for my album Miss Congeniality, or a single deal for one of my songs. That’s still getting worked out now. Talks has being going well so its looking like it may work out.

Places of interest in your city?

I’m from Detroit, Las Vegas, and New York but currently I live and record in Spokane WA and a definite place of interest is Shop Sabotage.

Shop Sabotage Boutique in Spokane WA. Is a streetwear store so the have the usual things that most sneaker boutiques have your 10 Deep, The Hundreds, Alife’s, SB’s, Crooks & Castle, and everything else that’s in it. Beyond the clothes they also have a DJ Booth and stage in the store. So you actually shop while an artist is performing.

When is the last time you seen a store that really pulled the music side, and the lifestyle side together like that? I actually came across a clothing sponsor of mines Two in the Shirt (T.I.T.S) clothing in that shop. See Al of Shop Sabotage Boutique and tell him I sent you, he’ll look out for you.

How is the Internet important for you today and how do you see it evolving in the coming years?

The internet plays a huge roll, in everything I do musically. It makes the world small in a cool way. I have a studio in my house so I can make a song, have it mixed, and bounced down, send it out over the internet and have it reach people. No mailing it out, no stamps, no waiting in clubs. I can get it right to the DJs. With twitter (@cheasleauen) I can send out a hyperlink from Fairtilizer to the people that’s following me, and the people who is not following me. The ones who is just checking up on me. Then people RT it and get it to their friends. I love how the internet equals the playing field for the indie artist and the major artist. It doesn’t cost anything for me to send 2000 mp3’s to 2000 DJ’s, where as you had to press so many cds/records for that one song and pray they play it or not. Long live Serato, a DJ is going to load a MP3 in his computer 9 times out of ten. They will do anything not to carry crates upon crates of records with them that they may or may not play I can’t say I know where its going to go but what I do know is you have to adjust with where ever it decides to go.

Do you see the point of using fairtilizer hosting services to publish your music on all your websites in one click ?

Fairtilizer is a dream come true. You can find me, It comes with so many options, good options usuable options. Options like hyperlinks for your songs, that way if you want to send your music to somebody you can, and you can also set a password for that music, that you send. It also promotes getting with other artist and making music together. Because you can send them songs that they can jump on also.


  1. I have been working with Cheasleauen the last few months as her photographer and I have to say that you don’t come across quality people like her very often in your lifetime. She is smart, ambitious, charming and driven. Her music is a reflection of her versatility not only on the microphone but in life. If you give this young lady a few minutes of your time you’ll find that she is the complete package as an entertainer.

    Best of luck!

    – Shane

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