A young cat from my city just sent me these 4 cuts and they are BANGIN! he goes by the name of GHOSRYDA and his sound is somewhere inbetween J DILLA style hiphop beats and wonky nu hop by the likes of SLUGABED or SAMIYAM. Alround great stuff for me, cause I love off kilter hiphop beats! This stuff is however more hiphop focussed than these newer cats, which also brings back memories of the awesome beats by ANTI POP CONSORTIUM

his 7 TRACK EP is called “SONGS TO GENTLY KISS GIRLS BY” and there’s some strange samples in there, i’ve been able to identify at least one sample by 80’s indierockers THE PIXIES and some stuff by CHARLES MANSON. Another thing I love is the strange hihat in the last track ICE, which seems to run out of the groove and somehow finds it’s way back to the rest of the beat. Good stuff man… This is a free download, so grab it below and play loud!


1. VLAV – 3.20
2. LORD – 3.13
3. SOMETHIN – 3.08
4. ICE – 2.53
5. DANCUR – 2.27
6. BEETDOWN – 2.40
7. MIAUW – 2.47

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