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Hi, this is Zuzuka.

Here @ Generation Bass  a.k.a. “Amazonian Warrior Princess”.

The Generation Bass boys have been kind enough to permit me to post info from time to time about some of the most happening parties’ on the planet taking place in the BIG APPLE, NYC!

So here’s the first party, above, and some info below, about some of the artists participating:

El Negro Mozambique

Nego Mo+ºambique 107.Foto Tain+í Frota2

El Negro Mozambique has been in the electronic music scene for more than 10 years.  His work has been influenced by Funk, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Afrobeats, Breakbeats, Black Music, Carioca Funk, South American Beats and Brazilian Music.  He performs live acts of his own compositions, mash ups and remixes, and also creates soundtracks for TV and movies.

Using only hardware, Moçambique started producing with a Boss DR-5 drum machine and an Emu Morpheus synthesizer. These days, his live PAs are achieved with an MPC 1000 sampler, a Virus C synthesizer and a Fatman valve compressor, all plugged into an eight-channel board. The thing that hasn’t changed is his sound, which evades genre classifications even as it references black music, baile funk, Afrobeat, electro, house and breakbeat. In his propulsive, minimal tracks, Moçambique samples everything from Gilberto Gil to Barrington Levy and Prince, but never in an obvious way.” (XLR8R Magazine 2005)

He has recorded 2 albums:

2003 “Nego Moçambique”, released by Segundo Mundo.

2007 “La Rumba Computer”, released by Segundo Mundo.

Article on Nego Mocambique on XLR8R:

Review of “La Rumba Computer”:

In addition to countless performances in Brazil, France, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Switzerland, Nego Moçambiuqe has participated in the following festivals, to name a few:

  • Sonar Festival, Barcelona, 2004
  • Sonar Sound, Sao Paulo, 2004
  • Mutek Festival, Montreal, 2005
  • Nuit Blanche, Paris, 2005
  • Tim Festival, Rio de Janeiro, 2005 (with Peretz and Arthur Baker)
  • Mutek Mexico, Ciudad del Mexico, 2006
  • Motomix Festival, Sao Paulo, 2007
  • Mutek Chile, Santiago, 2008
  • Mutek 10, Montreal, 2009 (Nego Moçambique vs Orignal Hamster)



The most original combination in bass-thumping beats and raw unleashed melodies since Diplo, Timbaland and Moby transformed a generation with their music is now being created by a young producer named Zakee, this time doing it for 2009.

Club music, which today seems like a rather basic reproduction of dance music with most tracks looping familiar drum-breaks, slathered on with instantly recognizeable samples, but not Zakee’s music. He’s found a secret formula.

Countering the been-there-done-that music act, Zakee layers his productions with abstract drum patterns while adding and subtracting various transition elements throughout.It’s nearly impossible to put him in a category when he demonstrates a range so wide.

The 27-year-old DJ/Producer and Philly native has always had his work cut out for him, finding the most obscurest of sounds churning them into futuristic yet grimey tunes, keeping the urban integrity of his West Philly roots.



Me, of course! Feels strange writing about myself in the third person but here goes.

Zuzuka Poderosa drops Brazilian bred, Brooklyn based swagger like no other. A stylistic blend of Funk Carioca and NYC rumble add a breath of fresh air to today’s international music scene.

She’s hard to miss with her unapologetic sultry Portuguese lyrics. This, coupled with booty bumping basslines, she packs New York nightclubs like sardines. The early 90’s NYC Drum n’ Bass scene inspired her to master the wheels of steel. Now, under the alias of “DJ Babyfresh” she spins rare vinyl and Brazilian gems alongside DJ partner Joel Stones ( Tropicalia in Furs Records ).

It was a natural progression for her to grab the mic – her passion for writing and poetry could no longer be ignored. Through her riveting live performances, and America’s new appreciation for underground Brazilian music, she now commands an audience worldwide.

Zuzuka was approached by Samsung to be a part of a national ad campaign “Samsung Juke Box Hero,” through which she introduces the public to Zuzuka Poderosa and Baile Funk.“Time Out Singapore: What’s in Your Stacks?,” section (DJ of the month track review) recently rated her single “Mas Com Você” number one song in the magazine’s online article.

She was recently invited to sing on Marcelo D2’s new album ” Arte do Barulho” with the track “Meu Tambor”. Marcelo D2 & Zuzuka Poderosa also shot the video on his trip to NY this summer of 2009. Stay tuned for the new video coming out soon.

I hope all you people in NYC and further afield can make it

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