India Calling: Dubstep Yaar Mix!


So last week we had a BRILLIANT mix incorporating some INDIAN DUBSTEP from DJ Coconuts from Tupolev Soundcrash.  Man, that was very well received.  So it’s gonna be kind of tough to follow that.

Anyhow, here’s my INDIAN DUBSTEP MIX, which showcases “some” of the Artists that I’ve been championing at this blog on DUBSTEP MONDAYS.  Some of these Artists I hope will appear on the proposed India Calling – Dubstep Compilation at some point next year.

These are tunes I’ve been blasting at most gigs I’ve done this year in the underground circuit with Tropical Tek House doing the rounds at other gigs.

As most of you know, I don’t spend more than a max of 1 hour 30 mins on a mix.  20 mins prep time for this one and then straight to recording it LIVE in my studio on my Pioneer CDJ’S- one cut- one take in real time fashion (unmastered).

I hope that the mix gives you an insight into just how great some of the stuff coming out of India is at present with standouts for me being Bandish ProjektDeaf Bass Twins and Nucleya.

Some of the other artists are not Indian like 16 BitBarbarix, Celt Islam and Datsik but man it’s cool to hear them embracing these vybz and to such astounding effect too.  Plus the mix is not 100% Indian as it incorporates some Arabic inflexions too, not too much, just a tiny bit!

Of course the idea for the India Calling Compilation is that it will include indigenous Indian Artists only, born and bred there, to showcase its home-grown talent.  So many of the tracks on the mixtape won’t make it.

Just so you know, “Yaar” means “Mate” and so the title translates as “Dubstep, Mate”!


1. Intro – Bhor (Umb Edit) – Bandish Projekt

2. Journey (Liquid Strangers Sliptrip Edit) with Bhor sample (Umb Edit) – Bombay Dub Orchestra

3. Halaqa (Umb’s Edit-with sample from Puerta (Atlantean/Natacha Atlas) – Celt Islam

4. Cobra – 16 Bit

5. Ali (Deaf Bass Twins Remix) – Midival Punditz

6. Installer – Barbarix

7. Cassiopeia – Nuphlo

8. Chutney Grip – Schema

9. Amirah – Chasing Shadows

10. 12345 Technology  (Barabrix mash up) – Bandish Projekt

11. Cop Killer- Sukh Knight

12. Boom – Datsik

13. Egyptian Horns – Ed Solo

14. Kesariya Balam – Deaf Bass Twins

15. Sense Distortion – Bandish Projekt

16. Waiting (Umb Edit) – Bandish Projekt

17. Pragat Pritam – Nucleya

18. Atomizer – Nucleya

19 Outro – Words of Rumi


Just checked the charts at Fairtilizer this morning after uploading this mix yesterday and it’s placed as follows:

NO. 1 – DJ MIX

NO.1 – PUNK (hahaaha)

NO.1 – World

NO. 1 – All Genres

As I’ve said before, the Fairtilizer chart placings add little value to the quality indicator of a mix, save to say some peeps seem to appreciate it but I have seen some truly awful mixes top their charts before.  But as before, it always feels good to be No.1 in something, even if it’s only within a very narrow remit 😉