Our fav girls THE CHEERZ just sent out their new EP, which is AGAIN a free DL! Grab it here baby!

Do You remember the time you used to sleep the lights on at night because you were afraid of the monster(s) under your Bed ? or eating everything you can get your hands on just to taste it ? when you move to dance or pop music ? when BirthDays were all about Cakes and Chocolate ? when ridin’ your bike in the Street was like goin’ across the World ? ? when you were speakin’ to an imaginary Friend ? watching saturdays cartoons while eating some cookies with strawberry and chantilly ?
We Remember :

1/ Miam Miam
2/ Madonna : Celebration Remix
3/ Major Lazer : Pon de Cheerz Remix
4/ Monsta ( exclusive preview comin’ soon on MovelTraxx )


The CheerZ


  1. That female is just amazing, I mean mostly all seems to think she is a fool but that’s just an act, it does take some skills to become one of the most famous people in the world.

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