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I hinted at PUNK STEP a few months back on my FB page and mentioned that I was listening to something that sounded like Nirvana/Hives mashed with High Rankin’, well here it is.

This is what I was listening to and getting really excited by, cause not only does it sound great but it has HUGE POTENTIAL to cross over to the rock/metal market in a big way.

Those rockers/metal kids already dig Dubstep and love headbanging to it.  So the inclusion of geetars is gonna make them go NUTZ!

These guys have just given me EXCLUSIVE permission to post a few tracks.

London based NOVA make DUBSTEP live on the fly!  Not many Dubsteppers could say that could they!

Vince, I think we just GOTTA get these guys over to GENERATION BASS FESTIVAL 2010!

Can you imagine the mosh pit!

Of ill repute

Skunk Rock


    1. You know this is exactly what they said about PUNK, when it first hit the scene. It’s great to get reactions like this, cause it provokes a reaction which is the whole sentiment behind the music….

      Granted, it’s not everyone’s cuppa, but I love it :-)..Huge Potential!

      Carry on doing what you’re doing, NOVA!

  1. i love punk. i understand the Punk Concept. i consider miles davis playing in clubs where he wasnt allowed to get in punk. i love music who provokes reaction, neverminding if it’s good or bad. this aint punk. this is just saying, “hey, i’m not a very brilliant electronic music producer, i love guitars and both fix in the mix, so as nobody has done it before, i’m gonna invent PunkStep!”

    what’s next, ¬øpolkastep? i love people mixing all kind of stuff in their sets, it breaks the labels, so why calling that a new “style”? if you want to make dubstep with guitars and you do good stuff, GREAT! but it’s not good stuff just because you mixed dubstep with guitars.

    now do you get my point?

    1. I hear you Buddy but it’s not the first time you’ve complained about peeps making up new genres or sub-genres but that’s cool cause you’re entitled to your opinion.

      I’m not quite so sure you do fully understand the Punk concept.

      Punk was all about DIY (do it yourself) regardless of whether you could play a musical note or not. It was not about producing something good or musically correct but just about producing something that provoked a reaction and that is EXACTLY what this has done.

      Nothing in music is original!

      Look at the hatred for hip hop when it first came on the scene with people accusing those producers of every evil sin under the sun, yet it’s the biggest selling commercial genre of today with a global audience.

      Plus, whether it’s good stuff or not, is again a matter of opinion, taste and personal preferences. Many people think Bach sucked yet to me he was a genius!

      We’re not preaching here, we never do! We just put up music we DIG, whether it’s new/old/musically right or whateva!

      It’s up to YOU and others that tune into our blog to decide for yourselves whether you feel it’s bollocks or the dog bollocks!

      2 of you have said you don’t like it and man that’s fair enough but I LOVE it and the energy it creates and LIVE, it must be MENTAL!

      It’s cool brother for you to have your opinion and also for putting it across to us, many will agree with you and many will not, that’s how it is my friend :-))

  2. haha, subgenre? you’ve got it all wrong my friend. punkstep is a revolution. over in London bands like this, Jazzsteppa, Dead Kids and Dijuridub are kicking up a HUGE fuss

    dont knock it till you’ve seen Nova live… it’ll change your life.

  3. hahaha, don’t compare that with jazzsteppa, i brought them to my town 2 years ago!!!

    and well, ok, i was too bigmouth, i’ll keep my opinions from now on.


    1. Hey bro’ PLEASE don’t keep your opinions to yourself man…

      It’s good to have negative feedback too…it presents another view-point…which is important to us..

      As long as you don’t expect us to agree with you, it’s all cool man and vice versa..

  4. Hey, I think it woud be really interesting to see these guys live actually, give that track skunk rock a listen, a bit of a tune no? not to sure about the video though. . .

  5. a little rushed perhaps to call this a revolution.. i agree with funkfow in his assessment of the musical quality of this piece (2nd post especially). even though i am a big fan of dubstep, i would not go as far as comparing it with the occurence of hip hop. if you want to listen to a decent incorporation of guitar riffs into dubstep you should try some of distance (great artist).

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