Just stumbled upon this amazing release from the year 1986, I was 14 at the time and heavily into hard rock, so I missed out on this release. Fortunately, there were some other peeps who were paying attention… check it:


Jah Pasquerel left me these treasures for the blog. The entire Dance Hall Vibes series on World Enterprise records, produced by Striker Lee in 1986. The third part features a showcase on the Computer Rule riddim once again, this time in Striker Lee’s version. What can I say. I’m speechless… Big up Jah Pasquerel !”

superb stuff, thanks to the amazing DIGITAL REGGAE blogspot!


  1. Now if I m not mistaken – which I m quite sure I m not – this is the pressure & slide riddim (aka Mr DC aka what one dance can do) and not the computer rule. The computer rule is a re-work of the sleng teng, whereas the pressure and slide is… basically a studio one riddim. basically. But let’s not get over-pedantic.
    For comparison : check Beres Hammond’s what one dance can do (pressure & slide /D. Germaine digital cut – and Cutty Ranks’ blue mountain coffee (computer rule – cutty ranks blue mountain)

    Keep up the good work !

  2. correction : after checking the blog and carefully reading what was posted, i noticed the computer rule is in fact the THIRD version and not the one you posted. I left myself get over-pedantic I guess. My humble apologies.

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