la piojosa

My good friend and the supa talented, Alberto from Caballo & The Mothafu Kings recently sent me a re-work of a classic track “La Burrita” by Colombia’s Los Corraleros Del Majagual.

Man, I’m into Colombian Cumbia in a BIG, BIG way and indeed, it was one of my first forays into South American music way back in the mid-late 80’s and the first type of Cumbia, I fell in love with.  Those sounds still sound as fresh as the daises, just timeless stuff man.

Anyway, I love the Burrita track but one I love EVEN MORE and possibly my all-time favourite colombian track is one by Sonora Cienaguera called “La Piojosa (The Lousy One).

This was first crafted in the 1950’s!!! But man I still drop this into my sets from time to time and it ALWAYS works.  It’s a Cumbia number in an original Big Band style with loads of Brass and with African, Indian and Hispanic influences at work.

I suggested to him to try a re-work of this track too cause I loved it so much.  So he did and man, it’s really good too.  I tried to get him to do an extended club version but he was not feeling it.  So the JuKe BoYz might give it a go instead 🙂

Anyway, I love this and I think it will kick some major ass on the dance floor.

La piojosa (caballo & the mothafu mix) original by sonora cienaguera & emilio torres by caballo

Track back HERE to download the free Caballo album, “GLOBAL PROPOGANDA”.


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