1. Saludos Homies!!!!

    Im so glad that my Man Sabo drops a banger BERSA 6!

    and About SEKRETO Track..

    is a Remix for the track GOTA from Mexican MC called SEKRETO featuring MORENITO DE FUEGO from Sonidero Nacional Crew! … This Remix was done by el HIJO DE LA CUMBIA and Mixed in Monterrey at my studio…

    SEKRETO is part of SONES DEL MEXSIDE a label that i been working and runnin since 1999, and would be great if you can had a chance to listen to his entire DOPE MEXICAN HIP HOP Album! with production from Milkman, Morenito de Fuego , Serko Fu and Myself.

    If you know little about our past you will get to CONTROL MACHETE, my Hip Hop band from late 90’s….

    1. Thanks my man, will def check that out….

      You know it’s funny, cause I was doing this gig last week in London and I met an old friend, Andrew Kremer who use to play in the band Zohar.

      Anyway, I was dropping some Sondio Del Principe jamz and he said, is this Toy Selectah……….he said you know Toy was dropping this stuff in early 2000…hahahahha…

      Apparently he was on the Control Machete label with you in early 2000…………

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