I’m really feeling the TransNational Dubstep at the minute and here’s a great cut by my buddy OKULUS ANOMALI who hails from Miami, USA and who was introduced to me sometime ago by the beautiful vocalist/bellydancer, Amanda Cohen a.k.a. “Lilith”.

Okulus is a Composer, Musician & Multi Instrumentalist, DJ/Producer, Poet/Philosopher, Writer, Graphic/Web Designer and Video Editor amongst other things.

He has a debut album entitled ‘Katharsis’ OUT NOW,  which includes ‘Sfumato’ the OkAnom remix of Ennio Morricone’s classic ‘Sicilian Clan’ Theme, see video below.

‘Katharsis’ features a variety of sounds from Cinematica / Think-Hop (TM) / Downtempo / Acid-Jazz, Ethno, Drum’n’Bass, IDM as well…something for everyone : always intelligent and arranged with the utmost precision.

This Dancing Water track is originally by a band called PHIsonica and he’s given it a very mystical, down-tempo dubstep treatment.  Would work great in a chilled set or as an opening number in an early evening  dubstep set.

Dancing Water – Okulus Anomali (Remix)

Here’s a cool Morricone remix too:

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