We featured these guys a couple of weeks ago, INSOMNIO MUSICAL.

Some of you really wanted more and a few (of the female variety) took a bit of a shine to the guys 🙂

These guys are from Puebla in Mexico and consist of Javier Sanchez, Roberto Aguilar, Oscar Cuautle, David Toxqui and Tony Zamora.  As mentioned before, they have quite a hardcore following and please do go to their MY SPACE to check out their other FANTASTIC tracks.

Here’s 3 GREAT new cutz they sent to me for ya’ all 2 download.

They’d welcome any remixes man.

They’ve also asked me to do a DJ mix of their tracks for them and so I’ll get on to that soonish!


Insomnio Musical – Solo un extraño

Insomnio Musical – Cumbia Mistica

Insomnio musical – Que viva mi desgracia


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