Grabbed this from the CROOKERS BLOG and have to say it’s fuckin’ very interesting.

The intro itself, which lasts about 5 minutes, is worth downloading this mix for alone.  It’s very reminiscent of Bob George by Prince on his brilliant Black Album.

Nothing much is known about this outfit and here’s all that Crookers say about them:

Check this very last mix by the Devil himself, little is known about his musical background and future releases, but we’ll keep you updated…


UPDATE (Sunday 11.10.09 7-ish UK time)

Did a bit of digging and man you must know by now, I can find out anything, it’s by MIX HELL from Brazil!


  1. Im always wondering how Vincent and Umb make it to be on top af all this sacred bunch of music !!!

    im a digger too but this guys are crazy!!

    By the way Yes, is definitely MIXHELL Familiy, acutually there were the first ones to post this Mix on Twitter 2 fridays ago!!!


  2. This is one of the MANY reason’s why GENERATIONBASS.COM is WITHOUT A DOUBT in my OPINION the BEST WEBSITE/BLOG for GLOBAL GHETTOTECH music, if I have to use the term!!! SHAAAUUUUU!!!!


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