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My all time favourite mash up guy, Phil Retrospector has just released his free debut mash up album, Introversion.

Phil hails from Galway, Ireland and some of his stuff is just GENIUS.

If you wanna be emotionally moved or want a soundtrack to genuine heart-break, then this is the guy for that.

This album has some incredible mash ups on it, and even Moby has played some of these tracks out at parties for David Lynch.

I did a mix a while back, in tribute to and consisting of Phil Retrospector mash up’s, alongside my own companion pieces called Stories for a Melancholic, which provoked some very strong emotional sentiments from people.  That would not have been possible were it not for Phil’s genius in creating these mash ups.

Perfect for a Sunday Morning


at any moment to mend your broken heart


at any moment to break your heart!


Phil RetroSpector – INTROVERSION

[320kbps zip download / torrent]


01. Bluebird Blackout
Harry Dean Stanton / Muse / All Angels / Bob Dylan
02. Nancy gets Banged
Nancy Sinatra / Ryuichi Sakamoto
03. Naturally Feeling Blue
Nina Simone / Vera Hall / Johnny Cash /Clint Mansell
04. Still Hurtin’
Johnny Cash / Sissy Spacek / Phil RetroSpector
05. I’ve never been to Brokeback Mountain
Charlene / Gustavo Santaolalla
06. Polly-G *
Nirvana / Bon Iver / Scott Mathews / Wings / Lippok & Martini
07. Heaven’s Drive-In
David Lynch / Angelo Badalamenti / Miranda Sex Garden / Diamanda Galas / György Ligeti
08. Elton’s Glasses
Elton John / Philip Glass
09. Losing my Breath *
REM / Sia / Emiliyan Stankov
10. Looking Back is a Losing Game

Oasis / Amy Winehouse
11. A Thousand Secrets
Leonard Cohen / Muse / Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares
12. X+Y=Starman
David Bowie / Coldplay
13. Song to the Sigur
This Mortal Coil / Sigur Ros
14. Sleepwalking for Hours
Morcheeba / Philip Glass / Laurie Anderson / György Ligeti
15. In My Twin Life
Beatles / Julee Cruise / Diamanda Galas

16. Jude’ll Fix It
Joe Anderson / Beatles / Coldplay

* previously unreleased
track 3 taken from Mashup Industries: Cafe Del Mash
tracks 7,15 taken from 1086 productions: Mashed in Plastic

Warning: Please ensure glass is half empty before listening

Phil RetroSpector – A Thousand Secrets from Phil RetroSpector on Vimeo.

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