This dude has been steadily producing in a wide range of genres and has also made the croassover to dubstep some time ago, he now offers his first album FREE for download, dont sleep on this and grab it! AUTONON has the talent to start something new with all these influences. he has another album on BITCRUSHER which is a bit more breakcore/IDM, als a FREE dl, but I prefer this new stuff. Wobble that gut homie!

Autonon – Who made me make dub
Catalogue number: BITCR008
Release date: 9 Oct 2009

Another awesome release from Autonon, bass-heavy dub sounds following on from his Who made me make dub and Dubtones tracks.

  1. Whisker biscuit
  2. Those 51
  3. 38
  4. kick this peanut
  5. Mobsters
  6. From a distance
  7. Whiner
  8. Love and special dub


  1. Once again , some great sounds you posted there . Thanx Vince , been playing this shit in my cab for the whole evening , had some Egyptian cats that where complitly in to it .

    Big up
    Darcyr Cruz

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