Valium gitan by Sa Bat’ Machines

Contrary to the rather dark imagery of the record’s artwork, “Valium Gitan” is an exception to the rule that dubstep must be moody at all times. Instead, Sa Bat Machines blends dubby gypsy stylings with their melodic and unique wobbles. The single will drop in a couple months and will feature a similarly inspired track on the flip side. (It will also feature some words written by me a short while ago.) For our Stateside readers: Sa Bat will be performing in Boston, New York and Miami around December, so keep your eyes open. (You can download a live mix here.)

Since we’re on the gypsy tip, another nice dubbed out one is Savages y Suefo’s remix of “Lime Juice” by Unkle Ho. Cop their EP here. The blog of Ho’s record label, UrbanWorld Music, features a lot of similar music to this here blog and even features GB on their short blog roll (big up!), so go check them out. You can also download the original downbeat version of “Lime Juice” over at Culture System.

Unkle Ho – Lime Juice (Orange Disco by Savages y Suefo)

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