You know there’s just something SO SPECIAL about DUBSTEP mixed in with Eastern or Oriental vibes, it just fits like a glove.

I was dropping some of this stuff at the Speed Caravan gig and man you know how it STILL is, these so called “World Music” events still attract a predominantly middle aged audience!

Where are all the young kids man!!!!

Anyway, luckily a guest appearance by young hipster Richard Archer from Hard Fi attracted some younger people to come along and get into this great band.  So lucky for me these young peeps were really feeling the Eastern Dubstep in a big, big way.

So you know we’ve got continue to fight to break down those obstacles and get more younger peeps into Global stuff.  Cool rockstars jamming with great bands like Speed Caravan and globally flavoured Dubstep on the decks “might” just help to pave the way for this.

Anyway, I’m not permitted to share this track but I am permitted to stream it.  Just listen to this beautiful cut below by a guy called Tafuri based in Sweden and here’s what he says about himself:

Started Dj-ing house music almost 9 years ago, moved through many electronic genres in a rapid fashion but centered in on breaks in 2005 and dubstep in 2006.

Recently started to produce music again after many years of lacking inspiration, but is now starting to increase the pace. Interested in collabs and remix projects. So send me a message if you have anything.

I’ve also been doing a radio show since 2003 called Groove, more info and podcasts can be found at:

Tafuri – City Of Dub by tafuri

I must have played this cut about 15 times in a row, it’s just so addictive! Even before Tafuri gave me any info on this track, I knew it was based upon a Turkish sample as I recognised the melody.  He has since confirmed that it’s based upon Turkmenistani folk music.

I know this sample, cause I use to play out an Electro House version of a track that contains it.  The version(s) I have is by a Turkish DJ called Huseyin Karadayi and the track is called “Miracles”.

It’s a bit old hat now and that voice over is a bit corny, so you can have it hahaha….


On the CD copy I have from Yeni Dunya Muzik ( a label I licensed from in the past for my BGT Turkish compilation) the track is credited to the Artist only.  Now this could be incorrect and it is possible that the Artist did not mention the Turkmenistani folk connection.

Anyway, the dubstep version by Tafuri, is a BEAUTY and it is also very encouraging to hear more Turkish/Turkmenistani vybz melding so beautifully with Dubstep.

For a few years now, my homie Celt Islam has been doing a more chilled variant of Turkish/Indian Dubstep which we call SUFI DUBSTEP and so it’s not entirely new.


Here’s the very beautiful version that Tafuri based his track upon, which he just sent to me.

It’s by a band called ASHKHABAD and the track is called “Bayaty” and ironically it’s on the REAL WORLD label.

Man isn’t that a weird co-incidence as the gig I’m speaking about above that I did with Speed Caravan was a Real World gig as they’ve just been signed to Peter Gabriel’s label.

I knew nothing about Ashkhaband before this post and certainly never had the foggiest that they released an album on Real World.  Man it’s a very small world.

BTW, you can pick it up on I-Tunes, if you’re interested in the original.


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