Just grabbed this from MAD DECENT.

Last November I received a copy of the tenative DJ Mujava LP, after a quick listen I thought it had some great tracks but for some reason quickly forgot about it. I recently dug it up after hearing Bok Bok talking about Mujava and wow its banging!!!!! Did it ever get released on Warp or This Is Music. Anyways, I’m just posting up “Dj Plugs” (from that release) since you can stream it on fairtilzer. So whats the deal with 16 track album?

DJ Mujava – DJ Plugs


  1. Bof , gonna ask you guys to check out dj oskido ; tembisa funk on you tube , impossible to find on the net ( the south african peeps seem to have a problem with band space , making it difficult spreading there music ) , After hearing a lot of other kwaito , for me it seems that dj mujave is some kind of one hit wonder , all respect to the guy for bringing kwaito to a bigger audiance . but i dont feel this song like beiing a new hit .

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