Straight from Ben from AKWAABA MUSIC.

At last!!! We had a very, very difficult time picking winners for this contest. First of all, we’re so thankful for all of the music we were sent, lots of great stuff! It’s exciting for us to filter through dozens and dozens of remixes… In the end we didn’t intend to have this many winners, but we couldn’t help ourselves!

In no particular order:

Bonde do Zombinhos (myspace), Aguascalientes, Mexico

Chief Boima (myspace), Oakland, California

Chancha Vía Circuito (myspace), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Voltergeist (myspace), Ayrshire, Scotland

Sabbo (myspace), Tel Aviv, Israel

Perfect Loosers (myspace), Paris, France

These remixes will be released before the end of the year as the Ze Bula Remix EP, exact details to be determined very soon. There will be a digital release, followed most likely by vinyl!!! Stay tuned..

Can’t say I agree with all of these and there’s another 1 or 2 bona fide corkers that are missing!

Anyway, big up to Ben from Akwaaba Music and all the winners.

Here, you can stream the winners:

Bonde do Zombinhos

Chief Boima

Chancha Vía Circuito



Perfect Loosers


    1. The dubstep remix by the EGG, man that’s one hell of a track, played it out a few times and it always pricks up people’s ears…this one I think def needed to be in there for a couple of different reasons – 1. It’s bloody very good. 2. For Kuduro to reach out a little into the Dubstep scene.

      and the DRXL one too for sheer variety as it introduces a semi-balkan vibe which surprisingly goes really well with the track and it def stands out from the others ;-))

      But Ben, different tastes = different choices, I think you def picked some of the best ones.

      Stating the obvious, I’m sure another 6 people would probably choose a different 6.

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