Yes, belly dance to the DEEP PURPLE classic, “Smoke on the Water”.

Man, one of the very few guitar riffs I was able to play, thanks Ritchie Blackmore!

No geetar riffs here though, instead darbucka runs, middle eastern strings arrangements accompanied by sitars, Qanun and a I think a Ney, Flute, Klarnet or Balban solo (it’s Turkish but not quite sure which one)!

This is not new but I thought it was about time that I shared it with you given that I rarely do Belly Dance nights anymore.

It’s by a Turkish band called Dolapdere Big Gang who released an album of covers in the Turkish Belly Dance “a la turka” style.   Most of their tracks are quite shit but this one’s quite good.  Man they know how to do Arabic string arrangements though!  I might have to talk to them about that!

Dolapdere Big Gang – Smoke on the Water


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