I’m still yet to be absolutely convinced by the UK FUNKY sound.

Saying that COOLY G was at the Generation Bass Festival last month and delivered what was one of my favourite sets of the Festival.  I only managed to catch around 30 minutes as I wanted to catch part of Doma Tornados too.

I’m not convinced yet because, I certainly don’t like the American Soul vocal on some of UK Funky tracks I’ve heard for one.  Secondly, man they’ve started playing this shit down at my gym and prior to switching to UK Funky, they were playing NICHE and so I guess that speaks volumes.

Now my gym ain’t no poseurs gym, it’s a propa hoodz-no fuckin’ posing-no women type of gym 🙂 Mike Tyson always trains here when he is in the UK.  Some of the regulars frequently feature on TV shows like “Britains Hardest”, hahahaha no bull.  The others are the actual doormen at the nightspots in Brum!  Plus it’s run by a couple of notoriously well-known gangsters who are actually quite nice guyz, to me anyway ahahahaha.

Saying that, don’t have any illusions that I’m some kind of bodybuilder or that I’m “hard” hahahaha…..I can just about manage a 20 minute run on the treadmill and some “light” weights and 30 minutes in the sauna (which is the real reason for going there in the first place).  But I just like the no bullshit but friendly vybz, which suits me down to the ground even though the music sucks a lot of the time!

Anyway, so yeah anything they play at my gym psychologically puts me off too for some strange reason and they’ve started playing UK Funky as from about a month ago.

Saying all of that above, I love what Cooly G and Crazy Cousinz do and some other stuff but not yet enough to make me wanna play more than just a couple of numbers in my sets.

At this point I could not imagine doing a whole nights set of UK Funky tunes.  Perhaps I need to give it more attention and dig deeper but man, it’s not GRABBING me or really exciting me?  Maybe I’m missing something or have just started to develop poor taste!

However, I absolutely love what this guy from Poland, PHANTOM is doing.  We featured one of his mixes, “Yeah it’s Nice” way back HERE.

These 2 numbers give me great hope that I might just really get into this stuff in a big way if there’s more of it like this.  That CAMBODIA track is MEGA-MEGA-MEGA-FUCKIN’ BRILLIANT!

CAMBODIA by The Phantom

KID CONGA REMIX by The Phantom


    1. Yeah I see what you mean, ideas are similar.

      Emvee’s my homie man, he lives in Brum…maybe that’s another reason for me not being able to really get into this sound cause I’m living in the middle of it man!

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