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Blende is a name synonymous with excellence to many of the DJ elite around the globe.  Their high octane remixes of the Klaxons, Body Snatchers and Dolby Anol remind of an early Vitalic in their ferocity and menace, and the only fault some find is that they are just TOO good to follow with another track!  But now its time for some of their own productions to shine through, and Tigerbass is proud to release their first original release in years after the phenomenal debut ep “Get Lost” on Miles Dyson’s Plasmapool records.

“Northern school” is Blende in their element; fuzzy basslines and angry drums battle to be heard, with heavy sidechained synth riffs that were made to be played in huge clubs.  The two originals complement each other, (hence their names of v1 and v2) to give a method to the madness the listener is faced with.  Australian aficionados Acid Jacks (Trouble & Bass, idiothouse) deliver two “Metalzone” remixes to complete the record, perhaps outdoing the originals with sheer ear-splitting euphoria, while going straight for the jugular with it’s classic distorted french house grind.

Any of these tracks make a great addition to a DJs repertoire and so perhaps its no surprise that the songs have already been championed and DJ’d by artists as big as MSTRKRFT.

Unsuspecting clubbers are catapulted into a frenzy when these songs explode from the speakers. Expect bigger things to come as this EP is just a taste of what Blende are capable of.


1. Northern school V1
2. Northern school V2
3. Northern school (Acid Jacks “Metalzone” Remix)
4. Northern school (Acid Jacks “Metalzone” Reprise)

Here’s one track for ya…head over to Tigerbass and buy the rest!

Northern school V1

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