hey guys! I’ve been slacking, I know, but have also been working hard on some upcoming releases. FREE releases of a bunch of SDP stuff, my old label VIRGIN FANG and GHOSRYDA! so hold on to your hats and get ready for it.

Right now here’s a really great mix by SCUBA, who drops a nice hybrid of dub and techno in a martyn/2565 vein, but also a lot of basic channel/rhythm & sound influences. check this out, its a great mix and a nice twist to the DUBSTEp genre, I think!

‘…SCB has just re-set the standard…’
‘…the distillation of everything that is great about electronic music in 2009…’
‘…an absolute classic. Probably Scuba/SCB’s tightest mix yet…’

These are just a few of the reactions to the latest mix from SCB, the new techno / house project from Hotflush founder Paul Rose aka SCUBA. As part of the series of remixes from his Scuba album ‘A Mutual Antipathy’, Paul Rose launched SCB, a project dedicated exclusively to house and techno. The “SCB edit” of Hard Boiled was acclaimed by some as one of the best tracks of 2008 and has now been followed up by this mix for the mnml ssgs blog, intended to illustrate the SCB sound in more detail.

Download the mix HERE –  review of Hard Boiled (SCB edit)

Scuba myspace – http://www.myspace.com/paulhotflush


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