My partner in the JuKe BoYz, Peter Pozorek, led me to these guys and man they are doing some AWESOME shit and they’re from Canada.

Man, what is it with these Canadians, they ALWAYS have unbelievable Production QUALITY, better than the Germans IMHO and that’s saying something!

Statusbrown consists of two Producers. Both DJ’s, since 2003 in high school they became to get serious and follow electronic music at the age of 14.  Sok, since 2003 has attended numerous underground raves and has been a frequent visitor to rising clubs in Toronto.  Once 19 Sok took advantage of his age and became a resident DJ in Toronto where he perfected his mixing with Dirty Noiz. When Sok left Toronto’s residencey at Club 338 in 2007 he teamed up with Harry K. and became a resident to various clubs in their hometown outside of Toronto.

These guys in their town are known as ‘Sok & Phat Harry’.  Harry K. was born in India and Sok I. was born in Thailand.  Raised in Ontario Canada they have adapted to many kinds of music. They both learned to love all kinds of music that Canada & North America has to offer.  Growing up Harry played the drums and Sok I. played the Tenor & Alto Sax and was in the Royal Canadian A C Band.

There you go 2 Canadians, one hailing from India and the other, Thailand making mash up beats that are just gonna slap you in the face and say wake up MF..this is how you do it!

SonicC vs Pizeta ft. Reagadelica – Giaia Klezmer (Statusbrown Mashup) by Statusbrown

Diplo ft. Afrojack vs Diva & Jones – Pon De Floor Without Me (Statusbrown Mashup) by Statusbrown


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