Here’s SOMETHING NEW hitting the Ghetto’s of Paris.

Or is it?

And if it is, is it any good?

Or will it develop into something good?

My initial and immediate reaction was that it sounds a tiny bit on the amateur and cheesy side BUT saying that the tune on the first video ROCKS!!!!

So I think it definitely has potential to develop into something very, very, very INTERESTING!….WATCH THIS SPACE….!

This has been covered already by MOMUS, BIRDSEED and GHETTO BASSQUAKE and so please go to their pages for additional info about this new and interesting genre as they’ve put it into much better words and context than I ever could.

But before you do that pick up a free download and watch these vids on the LOGOBI dance!

couper decaler instru-ZAZA TWINS


    1. I think it is a musical style my friend, albeit trying to make it as a sub-genre perhaps and still raw.

      It seems to draw influences from Kuduro, Coupe Decale and as Vince also pointed out, has an element of a UK Funky sound about it too. Saying that UK Funky is a bit like a slowed down more soul based/less effective Kuduro in parts.

      The kids seem to be incorporating stadium sized sounding Eurotrash synth stabs to it too…..

    1. Hey bro’…all is cool man….I didn’t know anything about any of this shit till last you know we’re all just learning as we go on hahahahha

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