I’m getting right back into the kind of Cumbia sounds which blew me right away back in the late 80’s man, Colombian Cumbia.

It’s just timeless stuff.  I love the big band 1950’s type of vintage sound and man it’s still as FUNKY as hell.

There are 2 Colombian compilations that I swear by to this very day:

“SUENO COLOMBIANO”, full of material from the Discos Fuentes label which was released on Mango Records, a subsidiary of Island and compiled by Sue Steward in or about 1988/1989. Of course it was not just about Cumbia but covered a wide spectrum of Colombian music from Cumbia to Vallenato, Salsa, Caribe and Reggae and included artists such as Joe Arroyo, Corraleros de Majagual, Fruko and Latin Brothers.

“THE TROPICAL SOUNDS OF COLOMBIA”, again containing material from the Discos Fuentes label, released on Mango records but this time compiled by Jo Shinner. This one included a lot more Cumbia.

Sadly, both releases were deleted a long time ago.

But anyhow, that’s where I first heard the La Piojosa track by Sonora Cienguera. We, The JuKe BoYz (Peter Pozorek & DJ Umb), are currently remixing that track and we should have it ready very soon but for now you can hear a DEMO PREVIEW.

La Piojosa PREVIEW SNIPPETT by djumb

In the meantime, here’s loads of GREAT stuff I’ve lifted from my good mate from Colombia who runs the Radio Canalh Blog, it’s just BRILLIANT!


1-Merefunkbe FCT
2. Dejala Corré, HIJOS DE LA NIÑA LUZ
3. Pavita FCT
4. Cumbia y guitarra LOS MIRLOS
5. Cariñosa Alfabetización FARFISA CORP.
6. Shove it SANTOGOLD (Toy Selectah refix)
7. Jaley-jaley FCT
8. Cumbia Africana SON PALENKE
9. A ti te adoro FCT
10. Lorica ROPAIN
11. Guarapera NANDO GARCIA
12. Esperma y Ron PEDRO LAZA
13. Donde estas cumbia FCT
15. Aurita Bullanguera FCT
16. La Majaguita CUMBIA BARANOA
17. Blackboard Dubmbia FCT

Grupo Revolucion – cumbia de los Kiss by canalh

Policarpo Calle – La negra Domitila by canalh

Super Combo los tropicales – Una italiana en Colombia by canalh

Dj Canalh – 9na Feria de Confeccion y cultura de Donmatias by canalh

1. Charlie Mingus – cumbia fusion
2. Systema Solaar – Crees que soy sexy ?
3. Sonido del Principe – Cartagena
4. Sabo – La noche (Joe Arroyo remix)

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  1. yeah man. the classics are the best. i starting hating a lot of that new shit, all that stupid electro-cumbia bullshit with the horrid digi-distortion like Ed Banger Cumbia. no swing no soul no thank you!

  2. Nice post UMB! I gotta agree with you, the Colombian classics are my favorite. I like all sorts of Cumbia from the rootsy to the new electro, it’s all good. I think a lot of artists outside the Bersa/ZZK circle are starting to push toward a more rootsy sound. My only complaint is that most Cumbia mixes sound the same, and I rarely listen to them twice. My favorite new Cumbia mix is the “Great Cumbia Swindle” by Zurita, check it out if you haven’t already. Also, Juan Data’s “Mersaholic” is pretty inventive too.

    1. wooow, guys, hold on…thanx for the responses….but I’m not dissing nu cumbia….all I’m saying is for me personally I love Colombian Cumbia cause that’s what first blew my mind back in the mid 80’s when I heard it for the first time…..

      But equally, I’m a big fan of Nu Cumbia too, especially the stuff that zzk/bersas are doing and above everything what my boy Sonido Del Principe is doing…..I did a mix called STONED CUMBIA which is all about his music and man I never expected the sort of response I got about that from the unlikeliest sources that know nothing about Global Music……

      I think SDP’s stuff is a bit too far ahead of it’s time and in another year or two’s time people are gonna understand and appreciate it a hell of a lot more than they already do…

      But guys thanks for your feedback but please NOTE I was only saying that I’m getting back into the trad vybz again, I did not say I liked it in preference to or instead of Nu Cumbia…’s very important for me to make this point!

  3. Discos Fuentes’ Cumbias are the best for me.
    i like the demo of La Piojosa, i think u previously posted an edit that didn’t say much for me (too much like the original), but these new arrangements are cool!

  4. Hola hermanos,

    well, first I have to say la Piojosa de los Juke Boyz is really something !! I understand Zhao determination with the “classics”. But we do not have do underestimate the “NU” especially when its reworked like the Juke Boyz did. I love la piojosa, but your version UMB, nearly took the advantage of the classic one…

    The work of Frente cumbiero goes in this direction: conservation and difusion of the goold old classics and promotion of new creations. That’s cool, and to my mind that’s the way it has to go. In France, generations ignore themselves, including musically. Here, in Colombia, there’s hardly a nu-cumbia scene, cause the old good classics of the parents, grandparents never disappeared… although reggaeton is eclipsing a bit the good music…

    UMB, I’am surprised to find my minimix here: in fact, I find it very looooooooooooooooong ! That’s the first time i was doing something for a fashion show and it was hard since my friend gave me musical ORDERS !!! And I had to respect his orders and the order of the tracks he had chosen, and his playlist and… 🙁

    Kinky, i’d like to provide a new original mix based on cumbia but I really need a second turntable…

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