DOUSTER came to everybodys attention through his Cumbia Hop work with the incredible ZZK Records.

Over the past sort of 6 months he has chartered new terrain and has started to develop what will surely become knows as the Douster style.

With tracks like Alleluja and King of Africa, Douster has, IMHO, demonstrated not only that he is not a one trick pony but also that he is a name to be seriously reckoned with.  Superstar Dj staus awaits him as far as I am concerned, he is simply doing some of the most interesting work at the moment.

Anyway, his TRIASSIC EP is due out on ZZK records on October 20th which he describes as 4 tracks for a travel through Prehistoric Club Music.

Grab the EP teaser below and also watch a very, very cool vid!

Douster – Triassic EP Teaser by douster

Triassic from natilu on Vimeo.

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