AUTOMATON’s music is usually described as DOPE STEP!

It reminds me of the sort of stuff that the highly respected label Ninja Tunes release and this would be right at home on that label.

Automaton a.k.a Thomas Dunstan hails from Sunny Birmingham and he’s been creating music for a good 10years+.  I first met him at the Custard Factory when I was starting my own club nights there way back in 2004.

At that time, he was doing some crazy experimental nights and inviting guys to come and do a shows whose entire musical routine consisted of making music from children’s toys etc etc.

However, what sticks out most in my mind is that I used to call this guy “Tom Kraftwerk” cause he came very close to bringing the very enigmatic and show shy Ralf Hutter (or was it Florian) from Kraftwerk to Birmingham for a show.

Poor Tom (great led Zeppelin track that) had done the adverising/flyposting/flyers etc and sold tickets for the show but it did not happen in the end and I met him in this devastated state on the day that this news had greeted him!

I can’t remember exactly why the show did not happen but I think it was something along the lines of, Ralf doesn’t feel like doing it now, which was fairly typical from the Kraftwerk guys.

Anyways, Automaton has just released his new album called ORGANIC ELECTRONIC!

automaton - organic electronic cd front

It’s full of dope step, illbient, hip hop beats with an array of dubstep, glitch, vocoders, strings, funky ass big beats, mash ups, reggae, electronic wizardry and great imagination.  If you’re into stuff like Mr Scruff, then you will lap this up!

So grab this delicious MF’!



1 – introduction
2 – bitch better have my money
3 – digidub (linton kwesi johnson mix)
4 – sex, drugs and sausagerolls
5 – woo ha vs galt mcdermot
6 – nas-is like
7 – heart shaped rape alarm
8 – a special kind of idiot
9 – worcestershire sauce
10 – nucleus roots-tech dub
11 – shapeshifting reptilian breaks
12 – planet doughnut
plus 3 bonus tracks!!!!







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