For this week’s MAGNIFICENT SUNDAY SEVEN 7, I pay homage to SHEMSPEED, the largest and most diverse Jewish Music site run by my homie and brother, Diwon.

For more info on Diwon, track back HERE man, as we had a chat with him earlier this year.

So here’s 7 of some of the latest offerings from this Cultural Music INSTITUTION.

I just hope I got the numbering right on this!


EPRHYME’S “WAYWORDWONDERWILL” features two 7in. singles released by indie-pop icon K Records as part of its International Pop Underground series. “Punklezmerap” is an up-tempo conscious club meets klezmer cannonball, and “Shomer Salaam” is a politically and spiritually charged Middle Eastern dancehall mash up.

WAYWORDWONDERWILL is Hip Hop for healers and hitchhikers, boombap for beatniks and belly dancers, rap music for revolution and renaissance…and “it’s a welcome breath of fresh air”.


EPRYHME again:

My Mouth Is A House Of Prayer


Kosha Dillz finally brings to you his freshman solo LP Beverly Dillz after two full USA tours funded through spare change and hand me down vehicles. Kosha Dillz has also had numerous appearances with Grammy nominated Matisyahu and a collaboration album with C-Rayz Walz, that brought together accolades from SPIN Magazine to URB Magazine and LA Weekly.

The “Beverly Dillz” album was produced entirely by Belief, known for his range of work with artists from Murs to Beanie Man to El-P, is a uptempo, synthesized sample free introduction to the fast life of Hollywood underground through east coast perspective, sprinkled with a special touch of “kosher” heritage and culture.

The album, recorded entirely in the Beverly Hills section of LA, was written in the atypical cappucino to coffee house format, and will attest to be the first American Hip Hop album with a song in Hebrew, “Kol Ha Kavod Lirkod (its all good to dance)”. Three singles will be released from July to September, while the album is slated for an October release digitally followed by a November physical release.



During a time when some Jews refrain from listening to live music – famous Orthodox rapper Y-Love and beatbox superstarYuri Lane create all their music non-instrumentally.

The album is an all vocal hip-hop record with over seven tracks to correspond to the seven weeks of the Sefira. One of the songs is about Sukkot and how to “Shake It for your Maker”.

“It” being the Lulav, of course.

The album is amazingly musical and innovative, with a bangin intro and an outro that will make it hard to believe that Yuri Lane’s mouth wasn’t being produced by Timbaland.




Download 3 free singles by DREAMS IN STATIC from their upcoming 21 track instrumental album, Serene Poetic.

The Free download link includes, “If On A Winter”, “Theta” & “What You Did” feat. Dov.

If you aren’t familiar with this amazing music, it has been said, “If hip hop is dead to the underground and rock is dead to the mainstream, “Serene Poetic” resurrects the two and blends their elements into one sonic sonnet.”

Dreams in Static is the latest project of Diwon who has joined together once again with Dugans, of Shir HaShirim fame. The duo have tapped into the cinematic space of sonic dreams. The walls of sound that flow throughout Dreams of Static’s debut record are the balance of Diwon, the hip hop producer from Brooklyn and Dugans, the guitar slinging rocker from Austin.

The music jumps genres blending nu-beat, indie, world & psychadelia all with a distinctly “Dreams” sound. As I listen to their record over and over again, it conjures up the aesthetics of James Bond, Prefuse 73, Pulp Fiction & the Portishead walking the line of the forgotten, but familiar with the unexpected and fresh.

An album full of emotion, life, beauty and depth without one singular voice. An instrumental master piece that resurrects the guitar and live instrumental music which pops in a world where popular music has been left in a state of static and midi sounds. “Serene Poetic”, their debut instrumental record, will be in stores this winter. A year or so later the second record will be released, this one featuring singings from around the world.


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