Big ups from the durty south people! Here’s a complete album of house and bass in pretty much all it’s forms by Tilburg’s finest producers, VIRGIN FANG. Actually, this group is another thang i’ve been working on the last couple of years with my homeboy HERR MULLER, and we just decided to give away about 3 albums worth of tunes.

Some of this stuff has been released on vinyl, but didnt sell very well. We like to think we were ahead of the times or maybe people just didnt dig the fluorescent sleeves and silly imagery. Whatever the case, we still like the songs very much and are happy to now spread them for free on the www!

Check out this free album and share whereever you want:


01. you talk too much*
02. the sun, the moon and the stars
03. i eat ants
04. subhead face*
05. none of you left
06. durty
07. skidder#
08. big boys dont cry
09. black people
10. hail mary
11. fool
12. why would u

* taken from VF001, vinyl only release
# taken from VF002, vinyl only release

all tracks produced by virgin fang



  1. LOVE that cover, beautiful tiger man.

    Title is wikkid…..remember the Scorpions brilliant Animal Magnetism album?

    No doubt Johan a.ka. Birdseed will be on our cases with his Tikitech..hahahah..and accuse you of having a colonial mindset..mind you, you are dutch after all, so maybe you do have given your history…hahahaha

    I love you Johan bro’..I’m only breaking your balls, keep doing your thang…much of it I agree with ;-))

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