Here’s something pretty dope that I picked up from my homie, Jay Dahbi.

It’s essentially a mash up album of Jay Z’s “American Gangster” album with Indian and Arabic inflexions and the production is top notch!

Don’t know much at all about the Mash Up Artist, Music Without Borders,  and this is all I could find out about them from the download page:

Inspired by Indian cinema of the 70’s and Jay-Z’s critically acclaimed concept album, “American Gangster,” “Hindustani Gangster” tells the passionate tale of a Mumbai hustler’s sordid lifestyle.

For all inquiries, contact hindustanigangster [at] gmail [dot] com

Grab the album from HERE and the tracklist is also there.


This was scheduled to go out on Tuesday but as you know we were not on-line due to hosting problems but since then JAY Z’s own blog Roc 4 Life has given this BIG KUDOS by calling it “DOPE”!

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