Here’s something very interesting I found on Mixcloud.

I love Turkish music but I’ve never heard any Retro Psychedelic Turkish Funk before but I have now thanks to this guy called Karriem Diggins who has put together this great vintage mix which he describes as “A selection of finest turkish rare funky psych fuzzy tracks… the lost funk of Turkey”.

Yep sounds in parts a bit like a soundtrack to those 60’s porno movies but some absolute gems on here too, particularly those incorporating the Turkish music influences as opposed to western funk influences.

Here’s what Karriem says about himself:

Started my career as a DJ in the late 80’s.  In fact, exactly on 1987. At Germany in clubs, who U.S. Soldiers are based, specially the black music ones.  On ’91, I started to rap in Turkish and I formed my first group “Grup Ses” and later on 1993, I joined with “Karakan” and performed all over at Germany. On ´94 we got together with other bands and formed the group “Cartel” and brought Turkish Rap to Türkiye.  After amazing years; tours, Platinum and Gold Awards and “Sex, Drugs and Hip Hop”, I took a big break. It was better not to do that than doing it as a SLAVE for the record companies. But I love this “game” and trying my best to play it everyday! Thank Allah for this!

Sorry there’s no tracklist and I’m not sure you can download from mixcloud but anyway take a listen man, cause it’s sublime stuff.

Psych Turkish Funk Pt.1 by Karriem Diggins on Mixcloud


THANKS KARRIEM, download link below!



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