Today M.S.7 will pay tribute to Zizek King of Cool, VILLA DIAMANTE.

Villa, is of course one of the key players in the Artist stable of Grant’s ZZK Records.

He released his EMPACHO DIGITAL album earlier this year which comprised of over 40 mash up tracks and was divided into 3 sections.

Section 1 was all about the mash ups played at ZZK’s club nights ZIZEK.

Section 2 was all about Dubstep.

Section 3 was all about Argentinian Rock.

You can still grab it all from HERE.

We did a 2 part interview with Villa at the time of the release which you can track back to HERE and HERE.

Villa’s mash ups, especially some of the more Dubstep sounding ones blew my mind when I first heard them and have had a big influence upon my style of dj’ing.

They were also the front runners of the newly emerged Global Ghettotech scene a couple of years back.  So for me, Villa has played a hugely instrumental part in the Global Ghettotech scene alongside people like Crookers, Daniel Haaksman, Edu K, Schlachthofbronx, Diplo, Switch and others.

So here’s 7 of my favourite Villa Diamante tracks to celebrate the influential role he has played in this scene thus far.

Villa Diamante – Daleduro vs Lady Tigra

Villa Diamante – Arcade vs Spankrock

Villa Diamante – Benga & De La Guetto feat Randy

Villa Diamante – Frikstailers vs Calle 13

Villa Diamante – Scuba vs Alexis & Fido

Villa Diamante – Surtek Collective vs Modeselector

Villa Diamante – Chancha Vía Circuito vs Lil Mama

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