DJ ABSURD is an integral part of the Sa Bat’ Machines crew, who we covered HERE a few weeks ago.  Here’s what he says about himself:

DJ Absurd also known under the moniker MonstR is definately one to label as a workaholic : in only 3 years of time his music has been played on both radio airwaves & clubs all around the globe.

His music is classified into : Dubstep , Grime , UK Garage , Bassline 4×4 but he also known for being able to produce Electro or HipHop bangers .

As a DJ / Live act he visited some of the most notorious underground electronic music clubs in Europe and his high-energy sub-bass loaded sets gave him the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of : Sway , Virus Syndicate , Rusko , D1 , Airbourne Audio (ex. Antipop Consortium) , Kromestar , Paleface ,Bruza, Dee Kline , Wretch32 , True Tiger , South Rakkas ( Mad Decent ) , Scare Dem Crew (Eras , Flaming , DJ Exit) to name a few .

He is also the founder & C.E.O of his own label : ResoFantom Recordings on wich he released both the first ever Grime 12″ record & the first ever Grime album made in France and loads of Dubstep E.Ps & singles wich almost all got into Top Sales charts of the genre .

Even though he owns his own label , he managed to release music on other labels aswell : CockRock Disco , Eight:FX recordings (ex Aphex recs) , Big In Ibiza, DestPub , Boot&Leg , etc

Here’s a “LIVE” mix by this cool cat encompassing all things bass, bassline and dubstep that you can download and some of his own tracks that you can stream!

Live Set 25mn Absurd by djabsurd

DJ Absurd – The Big Grin by djabsurd

DJ Absurd – You Maniacs by djabsurd

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