I’ve been into this BAREFOOT stuff for a little while now.

I have not had time to research into the roots/history of this genre but I think STEREOTYP might be the one to credit for starting it off and/or some of the other artists at Vienna’s Crunchtime.

stereotyp barefoot update 09 by CRUNCHTIME

Here’s what Crunchtime say:

BAREFOOT is a music genre that has the feel and sound of dub step to drum n’ bass .grime ,so on..,it speaks the same Language so to say , but has no specific tempo , .. its pure filth at any tempo..

future music without tempo restrictions ! go slow go fast ,keep it dirty deep and polyrhythmic,

but its defenetly dance music

invented around 2003,

Anyway it’s bass heavy music and it’s not the first time we’ve featured it as we’ve done stuff on Stereotyp in the past HERE, HERE and HERE.

I have a feeling it could catch on just like Dubstep has and so keep your eye on it.

Just thought I’d mention too that a lot of the recent Poirier stuff could fit into this category too as opposed to Dancehall including the Jahdan Blakkamoore material.  Not that I like boxing things up but their tunes seem to have more of a barefoot/grime feel about them as opposed to Dancehall.

The stuff we’re covering today is by TALEN and here’s what they say about themselves:

TALEN is four people, connected by a long-lasting friendship that was forged in the garvitational field of everything concerned with music and music production (record store/radio production/DJs BUX and AUNT ONE, producers BOBPHONIC and UPPER°NOISE).

The music made by TALEN is defined rather by a process than by an aim or a given format and sound, using analogue instruments and toys to produce an arsenal of soundbytes, to later deconstruct the very same in the digital domain (with the subversive joy of the futuristic sniper). The result could be called dubstep taken hostage by rock’n’roll, freely oscillating between „listening“ and „club“ music.

TALEN cannot deny their own musical roots and influences – the Vienna connection (Sofa Surfers), or all things that can be subsumed under the term „dirty disco“ – which are also reflected in the choice of first rate remixers.

The project name „TALEN“ was chosen to evoke a wide range of associations. It is said that the name of Swiss iconic figure (William) Tell has its root in the word „talen“ (which used to mean „child-like/naive“ in an old dialect). Swiss timing and precision and Swiss craftmanship are called into mind. But also words like „to tell“ or „tale“ or „talent“ seem to lurk around the next linguistic corner, as does „Tal“, the German noun for ‚valley’.

The 4 musical authors’ claim to local roots is nicely contrasted with their fictional travels and real musical guests from around the world, and the result is truly building bridges and igniting musical fireworks in the heads of the listeners.

Grab a free download below and stream some others.

Talen – kingston book session hosted by junior indian by talen

Here’s some great stuff that you can stream:

filewile feat. baby chann – stamp your feet (talen remix) by talen

blaze it feat. turbulence by talen

fire feat. jah mason (unreleased) by talen


  1. Fascinating and an interesting find, I’ll be following with interest. Maybe one of the people involved with the scene could tell us a little about where it comes from and how it got where it got where it is today?

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