This advert is all over UK TV and it’s one of my faves!

It’s by CADBURY CHOCOLATE who are based in my home city, Birmingham and I’m pleased to say it’s all for a good cause too!

Here’s what Cadbury say:

Cabury Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade certification in the UK and Ireland is something worth singing about – so we are! ‘Zingolo’ is the first single from Glass and a Hall Full Records. Ghana is the heart of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade Cocoa and so the track celebrates all things Ghanian ; its people, its rappers, its dancers, its cultural figures and, of course, its cocoa beans. So turn up your speakers, get down and ZINGOLO!


Tinny is one of Ghana’s leading musical lights – an artist who has achieved a rhythmically agreeable fusion of his native traditional ‘high-life’ music with the mainstream hip-hop rhythm to produce his own unique ‘hip-life’ sound. So fresh and original is Tinny’s sound that the likes of American hip-hop icon Ja Rule are already queuing up to work with him. Way to go, Tinny! Zingolo!

Download via iTunes:  Cadburys share of profits from the sale of the track go to the charity CARE International…

In the meanwhile here’s a downloadable version of the South Rakkas Crew remix:

Zingolo-South Rakkas Crew remix


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