Download a free bonus track by Hakan Lidbo and read all the info regarding this new release below.

Bonus track- heads will roll (master)

Here comes the info for the next release on MUSICK.

It’s by the one and only master blaster and fabulous Depeche Mode Remix
contest winner HAKAN LIDBO and his brother in law gnarz machine
and Grace Jones Tributer MAGNUM 38.

Harsh noise, no bullshitting. serious fun for the freaks among you.

HAKAN LIDBO vs. MAGNUM 38 – You don’t like it?

digital, musick25, 25th september 2009 – MDM# 23856 / LC 12051 / UPC: 881390238569

01. Hakan Libdo – Raver Genocide (Magnum 38 RMX)
02. Magnum 38  – Balkan Schranz (dDamage RMX)
03. Hakan Libdo – Idiot Alert (Magnum 38 RMX)
04. Magnum 38 – Shibuya (Håkan Libdo RMX)


Magnum 38 (Oliver Greschke), Håkan Lidbo and Lars Sjunnesson met in an Alcoholics Anonymous group meeting in Stockholm where Magnum 38 ended up after a disastrous Scandinavian tour in late October 2008. The three guys immediately got along very well with each other and came to the conclusion that the only possible way out of their addiction had to be some sort of catharsis.
So, to wash away all the dirt that had piled up in the course of their lives they decided to lock themselves up in a sauna for 3 weeks. Done deal. The daily routine would be Hakan and Oliver making music, well, more making noises, well, more treating their computers, while Lars was creating his bizarre and strange comics with a frightening obsession. A Fight Club in hell, if you will, all artists inspiring each other and getting rid of their anger and angst. The piercing, noisy and combative outcome of this collaboration certainly reflects the conditions of its process of making. Imagine the incredible heat in a sauna and consider the fact, that, you know, a catharsis often is not the easiest thing.

Lars’ comic strips look so Punk Rock and the tracks Håkan and Oliver produced are so over the top, that it was way too much for most of the musicians that were asked to do a remix. Only the dDamage had the guts to stand the mental load and transformed it to a nervously peace of musick.

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