My boy, TOMMI BENDERS introduced me to this artist, AMANDITITITA!

It’s really catchy, feel-good, Pop Cumbia and man it’s ok.  Yes, it is quite commercial, light, fluffy and throw-away but sometimes that doesn’t do any harm and I think it’s worth posting to show yet another aspect to the Cumbia craze.  Most of the tracks do sound the same though man.

She’s like Mexico’s equivalent to the UK’s Lily Allen.  I’m really not sure what our Mexican friends are gonna say about this post cause for all I know they might be hating on us for posting this!

Here’s what Wiki says about her:

Amandititita is a Mexican writer and singer of cumbia. Born Amanda Lalena Escalante Pimentel, in 1980 in Mexico DF, she is the daughter of the late Rodrigo Gonzalez, a noted musician and poet who was killed in the 1985 Mexico City earthquake.

She came to public attention in 2007 as a performer of what she called ‘AnarCumbia’, a style said to be entirely urban and a blend of rock, reggae, rap, and traditional Mexican cumbia. From this, she has become known as the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of AnarCumbia’ and claims her main inspiration to be Guillermo Fadanelli.

She was signed by Sony-BMG and released her first album, La Reina de Anarcumbia, early in 2008. The single, La Muy Muy, from this album, charted on Billboard.

The release of her second album has been announced for October 27, 2009; “La Descarada” with songs of a similar style.

Here’s a couple of tracks for you to check her out and also a vid below.

A Chinga Te Vas

Odio a Mi Jefe


  1. Might not be the equivalent of a Mexican Lily Allen (to me Lily Allen its HOTTER! than Amanditita obviously, LOL), but this girl Amandititita invented something that she calls “Anarquic Cumbia” or Anarcocumbia, and thats how it sounds indeed, her lyrics may sound poppy and in so many ways very kitsch, but she got some cultural criticism content on it, political some times, and here in Mexico its very popular. I like the way she took the cumbia to mock of our weird way of life here in the Mx City. Nice post UMB!.

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