You know we stuck up those Cumbia Loops last Saturday, well here’s the first by-product release from that.

It’s by a guy called Touski who runs the brilliant MONTREAL EAST blog and here’s what he says, which is pretty fascinating man:

So this is it! The first Qumbia track is produced :)

Qumbia is the mashup between music from Quebec with beats and sounds from Cumbia.

Why? Why not!

Cumbia started is highly festive tropical musical career in Colombia in the XVIIth century and progressively spread in all South and Central America throughout USA and his, nowadays, one of the most active urban musical scene here and there throughout the world. Its unique groove destroys the most varied dancefloors. (Don’t believe me? ask Bendude, the local expert or visit

So it was obvious that one day or the other, the virus would be mutating to reach us in our northern snowy country. No need to get a vaccine or to sneeze in your elbow, let yourself contaminate by my highly-concentrated Bass and Guiro vitamin Qumbia version of Marie-Louise, this Zébulon anthem, originally released in 1994. The lyrics are about the numerous gossips concerning a strange old woman who looked like a witch and that just passed away … so it is the perfect track to be released a couple of days before Halloween.

I think it’s a storming mash up and so a big up Touki 🙂

Marie-Louise (Qumbia remix by Touski) by Touski

I’m also sticking up one of his mixes, which does not have much to do with Cumbia but more so with Balkan Beats 🙂

Montrealeast OCT2009 by Touski

Balkan Beats Gypsy Eastern Madness

1 Ben Hora – Pad Brapad
2 Urban Qoulou (feat. NEMO) – Watcha Clan
3 SOS – Soulico
4 Kaba p.m. – Lubo & Kaba Horo
5 Ti Hodas Sa Njom – Dragan Kojic KEBA
6 I Like It! – Baghdaddies Vs. Mandragora
7 Balkany & Flowers (Original Mix) – Zeb
8 ChupChik – Goran Bregovic
9 Manea-k – Max Pashm
10 Paznja!! Paznja!! – King Chronic Vs. Barrio Populaire
11 Demo Mamo – Bj Nevenko Feat. Romano Drom
12 Dumbala Dumba – DJ Dolores vs Taraf De Haidouks


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