Babylon dubstep!plus a world exclusive cumbia grime!


Dubstep Monday @ Generation Bass


I want to start with dubstep from all over the planet & some cool streams so u can check them out!!

our cumbia grime exclusive on the bottom of this post!

So……let the attack begin!

let’s start with the american n’ supercool style from nit grit
Babylon by NiT GriT

the king dubstep  from the British fuzz2k
The King by fuzz2k

From France the chilli dubstep from PMoos

Subaqua (in progress) by PMoos

our brother from israel the producer and famous DJ Sabbo
Man come fi shoot by Sabbo

and the nice latino flavor from my bro bootlegumachine
LORNAvsROULA LickItPapiChulo BootlegumachineRefix by bootlegumachine

and if you want  our exclusive 3 cumbia grime version of la piojosa click here

dubstep fire!

bomb 1

Dubstep Monday @ Generation Bass

Hey! today’s posts are on me!! While Vince n’ Dj UMB have a blast party time!!!

i was fascinated when B-real and Damian Marley did fire, i played it lots of times! and i found it in a dubstepmix, not an usual Dubstepmix. this one has a more HipHop/Reggae vibe/influence to it – and lots of bassline… from Ravenator

{DJ Ravenator} Dubstep Mix:- “Yuh Like Mi Bassline, Gyal?!” [Nov 09] (track listed) by RaVeNaToR

Trax List

[1] DJ Fresh – Hypercaine [Nero Rmx]

[2] The Streets – Blinded By The Lights [Nero Rmx]

[3] Skream – Elektro (this track got kind of lost in my mixing, there’s not much of it played alone, most of the first half of the track is mixed with the one before and the second half gets chopped early in the mix – c’est la vie eh? Lol)

[4] Emalkay – When I Look At You

[5] Dr. Dre Ft. Eminem – Forgot About Dre [ghosryda Rmx]

[6] Caspa – Dubwarz

[7] Cotti & Cluekid – Sensi Dub

[8] Digital Mystikz – Ancient Memories [Skream Rmx]

[9] Emalkay – Frequency

[10] F1 – 007

[11] 16Bit – Tale of the Exploding Fist

[12] B-Real Ft. Damien Marley – Fire [Dubstep Rmx]

[13] Cookie Monsta – Optimus Prime

[14] Reso – Smash Yer Face In

[15] Cypress Hill – Child Of The West [Switchdubs Rmx]

[16] Nero – Act Like You Know [Rmx]

[17] Babylon – NiT GriT (Wikid Producer – Check him out)

[18] Opitmus Gryme – A Millie [Dubstep Rmx]

[19] Jahdan Blakkamoore – The General [Marcus Visionary Rmx]

Le Café Crème Mix (Tommy Kid – Chateau LaTeuf)


Very cool looking mix, nice tracklisting, full of tracks that form a staple diet of what I play out.

Le Café Crème Mix (by Tommy Kid – Chateau LaTeuf)


Ellie Goulding – Stareyed (Jakwob remix)

Zomby – Rumours and Revolutions

Nero – This Way

Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker remix)

JKamata & 2000F – You Don’t Know What Love Is

Gemmy – Supligen

Zed Bias – Neighbourhood ’09 (Chimpo remix)

Kutz – Glitchy Finger

Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi (Caspa remix)

Little Jinder – Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch remix)

Sub Focus – Coming Closer

Nero – Act Like You Know (Dubstep mix)

Giant – Drumstick

Stagga – Face Gets Splat

Sidney Samson – Riverside (Breakage remix)

Sneaker Pimp – Spin Spin Sugar (Enigma & Shorterz remix)

Booty Luv – Say It (Nero remix)

Emalkay – When I Look At You

Starkey – Gutter Music

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now (Joker remix)

Jayou – Crack Hands

Zero 7 – Everything Up (Joker & Ginz remix)

AC Slater – Calm Down

Excision & Datsik – Swagga

Oh Snap ! –  Where Have All The Gangstas Gone (Tomb Crew remix)

Chateau LaTeuf – Kayzer Soze

Kinky Links:



I must confess, I don’t really listen to other mixes all the way through or in one sitting unless something unique about it appeals to me.

Often I look at the tracklisting, if there is one, which usually gives me an indication on what’s on offer and what to expect and so normally it’s a quick listen to this bit and that bit kind of job.

An unusual or unfamiliar tracklist always perks my interest sky-high.

Plus man I don’t really have the time to be sitting here all day listening to other DJ mixes when I have so much new music to check out, search and find to put on this blog, work to feed the family, spend time with them and do my handbag house, Ghettotech and Dubstep shit from time to time  🙂

Here’s an interesting, unconventional type of mix though.  I’m not familiar with many of the tracks and I like the way that this lady mixes her shit up with a little bit of chat pon the mic, which for this kinda thing does work and adds a freshness to the proceedings.  A little busy in patches but such is life.

Plus it’s a one track, live remix style and I’m a big fan of improvised one take mixes.

It’s a Hip Hop-Dancehall-House Music “LIVE” mashup!

Can’t really tell you much about her at all which adds to the mystery save that she friended me on Soundcloud and obviously she made the right decision cause I listened in and appreciated 😉


Morning Swishers & Black Tea 2 by msmanyasf



Here’s some electronica-infused experimental reggae courtesy of Mnolo (Collage Records) whose hiphop background and love of all things dub, roots and Jamaican have spawned his latest album, called “Irie.”

Mnolo (real name Manolo Escobar) is half El Salvadoran and half Nicaraguan. He has worked with many of the hiphop acts in Texas including The Word Association, Notes Floats, Omari Kamau, Jaysin and Chief, and is also label boss at Collage Records.

Positive Roots Rock

Dub Love

If you like the above tunes, you can also head over and buy the album (or download it for free at 128kbps) using the links below!



Generation Bass’ Exclusive world premiere: CCO


Generation Bass’ people are the first and only in getting hands on this!

Classical & electronica + some funk n’ acid jazz from Colombia/Canada.

Cheval Chamber Orchestra or CCO is a Colombian/Canadian project based in Toronto.  This is the first Album Caelum et Limbus.  And it was recorded and produced in Toronto. Trying to keep the colombian style, tho.

This is a review from a “connoisseur” of classical music in an “only classical” radio station here…

“CCO’s Caelum et limbus is a lush and beautiful soundscape that combines the rich natural sounds of traditional Classical instruments with pure synthesis. Every second implants the listener with images of the most amazing natural wonders and emotions, enveloping them in an aural paradise. The combinations of elements of the songs merge so seamlessly that you’re left without question that the composers are electronic/classical new masters. The opening song “Nephesh’s Alpha” blends a very rich sounding violin, scratch vocals & a crisp down-tempo beat with a smooth flowing bass line. Later a vocoded voice fades into the mix, adding a rough granular texture to the song. A great deal of precision and timing went into this song and I can’t think of a better way to open this album than with the brilliant textures used here. Caelum et Limbus is what every ambient lover dreams of, with all of the emotion and intensity intact. This isn’t just another album to be put on Muzak for café-goers to hear as they sip their morning coffee. It’s not just another typical down tempo beat that you’ve heard a hundred times over. It’s the very soul of ambience, the musical embodiment of serenity and utter bliss.”

listen to the full version
cheval chamber orchestra- Nephesh” alpha by caballo


some “random”stuff: Even though it was made in Canada and mastered in Miami, for me CCO is a Colombian Electro-Classical project, the art in the album was made by the suppa talented maida rodriguez ( a spanish/canouk artist) and about the name (i wanted follow the N.A.S.A name and call it CO.CA but you know… COCA from colombia!!..not a smart choice, neither CACO cuz thats burglar in colombia) so i chose CCO!!!

I normally never ask anything..but comments (all kind of them) are welcome!!


backstage hotel

Right now, i´m waiting in the bar of the BACKSTAGE HOTEL in AMSTERDAM. My buddy DJ UMB and me just had a great Italian meal and right now he´s changing his outfit and we´ll be heading over to the PARADISO club, here in AMSTERDAM, where we will be rocking the BASEMENT with an entire night of sick ghettotech and cumbia, kuduro and all the other great stuff you´ve come to expect from your fav bloggers…

so if you in the area, come on down!!!! starting in a couple of hours, we´ll be part of the CONTRABANDA night, run by the great guys of BALKAN BEATZ (big up TOMMI!!)

and well.. since i´m waiting and they got a comp here, I thought i´d throw a lost minute post in there? 🙂

cheers folks!!!