Our boy WAER ROCK comes up with a beautiful down tempo mix with a very original and unique feel.  That’s why we rate him and invited him to join us here to make contributions to posts from time to time.

Here’s what he says about this mix:

Downbeat in mood and tempo, Dourbeat is centered around trip hop with a strong, narrative composition and a broad array of instrumentation. But it also features a selection of similarly themed tracks with a focus on quality rather than genre. Moving beyond its roots in instrumental hip hop, Dourbeat includes leftfield dubbiness, classical, drum n’ bass, turbo dub and other hard to categorize songs. The mix also refuses to get too dogmatic in terms of speed, mood and vocals; occasionally dipping into mid-tempo electronica, uplifting lover’s rock, and rap.

Dourbeat by Waer Rock

Philip Glass — “Einstein” [Buy It]
Emancipator — “Ares”
The Arch Cupcake — “Rubix Dude” [Buy It]
2Pac — “Still Ballin’ (Mimosa RMX)”
Slouch — “Canaria”
Zomby — “Digital Fauna” [Buy It]
No Band — “No Title” [Buy It]
The XX — “Space Bass (Jamie XX RMX)
Sine Weaver — “Tyranny Of The Barline” [Buy It]
Lynx & Kemo Feat. Bango Collective & Denis Jones — “The Raw Truth” [Buy It]
Dupe — “Vistareel
Celt Islam — “Wahdaat ul Wajood (Unity of Being)”
Delhi 2 Dublin — “Stage 5 (Ecodek’s One Drop RMX)”
Tabla Beat Science — “Palmistry” [Buy It]
Larry McDonald — “Head Over Heels” [Buy It]
KRTS — “Misunderstood”

Cover painting by Alex Kanevsky.

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