Here’s a very talented Dubstep producer from Athens, Greece who I really rate, FLECK.

Not much is known about him and even though I’m in touch with this dude, I stupidly never asked him for any background info about himself.

He’s got a remix release called “For the Paradise” coming out in November on the Dub Frequency label, home to artists like Suspicious Stench.

He’s been kind enough to let us offer 2 of his great tracks for free download and so check them out below and keep your eye on this guy!

ACHERON feat.Susanne Vethake


Plus here’s a mix we stuck up a little while back:

FLECK – Watch your step mix (podcast)


1.HEADHUNTER – sushi brain
2.BABYLON SYSTEM & NOAH D – examination time
3.UNCLE SAM – round the world girls(TES LA ROC mix)
4.ESKMO & THE ANTISERUM – monstahs
5.BURNING SPEAR – slavery days
6.THE ANTISERUM – top shottas
7.MATTY G – amen
8.QUEST – hard food
9.BENGA – dreamgate
10.BARRINGTON LEVY – this place is too dark
11.RUSKO – tru powwa
12.RIPPLE & THE ANTISERUM – blaze it
13.MBZ – darko dub
14.BENGA – evolution
15.JKS aka JEEKOS – form of communication
16.ESCAPEE PLANES – heavy scent
18.BOXCUTTER – sunshine V.I.P
19.RUSKO – acton dread
20.GOTH TRAD – the gate
21.FLECK – genocide denied

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